Bennet Wins in Colorado

The Denver Post says Democrat Michael Bennet has won the Colorado U.S. Senate election over Republican Ken Buck. MSNBC hasn’t called it yet, I don’t think, but with 90 percent of the vote Bennet is ahead.

No one has called Washington state yet, but Patty Murray’s lead over Dino Rossi seems to be holding and has gotten a hair wider this afternoon from what it was this morning. No one seems to expect a result today, though.

4 thoughts on “Bennet Wins in Colorado

  1. The fact that those two races were even close should be a telling sign of how stupid our electorate has become.
    More telling: Feingold and Grayson losing. Sott winning in FL. Toomey in PA.
    Ah Hell, the list is too long. I’m going back to listen to The Ramones “I Wanna be Sedated” as I sedate myself. “Innkeeper, I’m gonna have me ‘nother douvle bodka, kin-neeper. With a lice of slemon. Ron the ock”s. Did I tell you tha’ you’re cuta kind? Thank y… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…”
    Good night, all…

  2. Scott wins in Florids (Governor’s race). For those unfamiliar with the new governor of FL, here’s a quote from the St. Pete Times earlier this year –

    “Scott was confronted … about his role in the scandals at Columbia/HCA, the huge health care company that Scott ran for 10 years. Scott resigned in 1997 amid an FBI inquiry that ultimately led to the company paying a record $1.7 billion in criminal and civil fines for Medicare fraud.”

    Check that number again – 1.7 BILLION in fines. He resigned with a golden parachute – As of late July, the Orlando Sentinal reported he spent 22 million – ALMOST ALL OF IT HIS OWN MONEY – to finance his campaign. I want to see what the final numbers are including the last 3 months.

    I don’t know how many hundreds of millions his hospital company stole from Medicare, but in a state with a high percentage of geriatric voters – that should have been fatal. But you can paint over any defect with enough money.

    The frightening part of this is that Scott’s victory proves ANYONE can get elected with enough money, and the SC ruling has opened the floodgates to corporate (and it seems) foreign money. Somebody wake me up and tell me it was just a nightmare.

  3. I’m just hoping Rossi doesn’t use his evil superpowers to throw us into recounts the way he did with the Governor’s race a couple years ago. That was tedious. But that year he did better in liberal King County than he’s doing this year, so I’m hopeful.

  4. I was shocked to see Illinois go red.

    And very saddened about Feingold– though I had heard he was behind before election day, so it wasn’t a shock.

    As for Scott– we DO need the legislature to come in and clarify election financing for the Supreme Court. The current bunch of hanging judges also seems to be of the opinion that corporations have rights, just like, well, you know– people. But change won’t happen til after 2012, if at all, I guess.

    Florida was weird (as usual) all around. One would have expected the moderate Republican (Crist) and the rabid Republican to split the red vote. Not in this cycle.

    They will all find out it is easier to scream and whine than to govern. They will taste the ink of the veto pen.

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