19 thoughts on “The Real Puppet Show

  1. Well, Maha, I hate to tell you, but I think you found a picture of a Democratic marionette. How do I know? It doesn’t have any cojones.
    Republican puppets, sit dutifully on their Masters laps, have their hands shoved up their asses to give them some spine, and let the Masters do all of the talking for them, they just move their mouths.

    Seriously, it’s a perfect analogy. I’m just being a wise-ass.
    The only thing I would add is some puppet poop, and having the Democrats having to pick up after it.

  2. Actually, strike that first comment. The Democratic puppet’s have plenty of balls, it’s the Puppet Masters who lack them. And there’s no control bar, so we jump all over the place. Or something! Ah, I give up on this analogy business… The rest of you have fun.

  3. The Right’s obsession with Soros makes me chuckle. They can’t demonstrate what he would gain, personally, from a more progressive American society. I suspect that’s why they think he’s evil… he’s not in it for wealth or power. How perverse! They think he’s behind every “libtard” idea going back to the First Amendment (Soros wrote that, dontchaknow). Apparently George Soros is also a Time Lord.

  4. I think the greatest puppet masters were Cheney, Rumsfield, and Rove, and guess who their puppet was/

    • Wait, where are the lizard people in this?

      This is the deep end of the smart pool, dude. You’ll have to do better than that.

  5. I refuse to comment on anything relating to that ass wipe Glenn Beck.. He’s such a blowout! I see giving him space as being more than an insult to my intelligence, I see it as ridiculing my lack of intelligence.

  6. That picture is a great rebuttal, a starting point. Some years ago, I saw a diagram of the VRWC – a huge network of think tanks, PR firms, and of course the more visible mouthpieces and their funders, as your picture shows. It apparently was circulated among high level liberal donors, people generally in some position to create a parallel infrastructure. I don’t know why it never really made it into mass circulation, as the sheer scale of it was eye opening.

    As always when dealing with righties, their fixation on an evil, omnipotent boogeyman like George Soros is a projection of everything their side is doing, a hundred or a thousand times more.

    Seen on the newstand last night, latest issue of Harpers, feature story: Murdoch Triumphant: How We Could Have Stopped Him – Twice. It’s not yet available online. The power this one individual exercised to shape an entire culture through the media is mind boggling.

  7. Great (and artistic) post.

    What will it take for voters to finally see how they are manipulated? Eventually, if the teabaggers prevail, food stamps will be cut, national parks closed and sold, jobs & salaries in the government slashed. And when enough people are eating at soup kitchens and living in tent cities, THEN they might register to vote and pay attention to issues. Right now, no country on earth makes it easier to register and vote, and the cynics stay away from the polls on election day in droves, smug that all the candidates are the same and it will make no difference. It makes a difference & when the difference bites them on the ass – THEN they will wake up.

  8. That is simply outstanding Barbara. What more can I say? I hope you can send it to other media places for it to get some serious coverage. I hope lots of people can see it because its spot on.

  9. Really? You call this the deep end? I had considered the illustration nice, but not exactly revealing in any sense. But keep paddling, maye one day you’ll find the ocean.

  10. notsosmartalec,
    Yes, but to get to the ocean, we’ll have to get around some obstacles. Which one are you – flotsam or jetsam?

  11. Nice done. I’d take out the “heads of the financial sector, global corporations,” or at least qualify them with “many”.

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