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“Does anyone else think there’s something a little insecure about a country that requires its politicians to constantly declare how exceptional it is?” — Matt Miller

8 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. But, but but, we’re the BESTEST, the most PERFECTEST, JESUSYEST, but HUMBLYEST, nation in history!
    ‘Of Thee I Sing!!!’

  2. Seems to me a perfect quote for a bully to use. It fits perfectly today. I haven’t given up home for a better tomorrow when we learn the basic lessons that kindergartners once learned.

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  4. Or later, There’s something off when the first generation of Americans that is less educated than its parents feels a deep need to be told how unique it is. Or that a generation that’s handing off epic debts and a chronically dysfunctional political process (among other woes) demands that its leaders keep toasting its fabulousness. Especially when other nations now offer more upward mobility, and a better blend of growth with equity, than we do – arguably the best measures of America’s once-exceptional national performance.

    When an empire is dying, its subjects (some of them anyway) go into overtime trying to preserve the memory of its former greatness.

    Some months ago, I was watching a series about Roman history. It was unthinkable for most its citizens toward the end of many centuries of greatness, that it really was over. They would follow any leader who would promise them to restore Rome’s glory.

    As in Rome’s final days, no new compelling narrative has surfaced in our time for people to look to, to embrace, that will carry us out of the current malaise. And so we’re left with nostalgia, and big heaping doses of delusion.

  5. It’s like those “My Son is GREAT KID at Podunk High School” bumper stickers you see. I’m glad they love their kids– but is that the best they can do?

  6. If you want a quote for the day…How’s this one: “Damn right I did, I’d do it again..I saved lives”. It makes me just want to scream and say to those who have ears to hear..There’s your fuckin’ America for ya, clown!

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