Better Ads

I picked these up at Steve M’s place. They are more conventional, and I suspect more effective, than the “fireman” ad. Although they didn’t make me laugh.

The Republicans are arguing that they aren’t ending Medicare, because there would still be a program called “Medicare.” To me, that’s like taking all the electrical parts out of a toaster, filling it with dirt, and planting flowers in it, and arguing that it’s still a toaster.

I’d still like to see the ad that hammers home the financial devastation that will be visited upon working families if they are suddenly on the hook for most of their elders’ medical care.

4 thoughts on “Better Ads

  1. Oh no, Privatizing Ryan’s plan won’t END Medicare!
    It’ll just be something completely different.
    But don’t worry, we’ll still have something called “Medicare.”

    ‘A completely different plan, by the same name, won’t taste anywhere near as sweet.”

    We could still have an “OSHA” program if it was renamed the “Overtly Suppresive Hazard Act.”
    It would basically allow businesses to do whatever the Hell they want.
    But we’d still have an OSHA!
    Even both of these new roses STINK!

  2. I’m concerned that Medicare won’t be around when I get old enough to collect, but it’s not that I buy the Gooper garbage that claims it’s a scam. Rather, if it goes, it will be due to the efforts of the Tea Party and GOP Borg that wants to privatize everything and help only the rich.

  3. Yeah. One of the things about wingnut non-think that always boggles me is the way they seem to think no one is connected to anyone else. Hurting an elder hurts the adult children who care for them. Hurting a working parent hurts their children. Hurting children hurts parents. For people who make so much phoney baloney racket about families, they don’t seem to get it that all of us have them and they connect the generations very closely indeed. Republicans are such dicks. Although, if Massachusetts is any indication this week, Democrats are catching up fast.

  4. I know what! Let’s nationalize everything but just keep calling them private. Works for me.

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