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A big-shot law firm that had been hired by House Republicans to defend the Defense of Marriage Act has backed out, saying the firm’s vetting process for choosing to take the case was “inadquate.” However, Paul Clement, former solicitor general under President George W. Bush and a partner in the big-shot firm, resigned as partner and went to another law firm, and still plans to defend DOMA.

The Supreme Court rejected a plea to “fast track” constitutional challenges to the Affordable Care Act.

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  1. Of course they won’t defend DOMA…There’s only a half million dollar kitty to be pocketed..Any self respecting Conservative Law firm wouldn’t waste their time going after such a small purse…maybe the GOP can enlist some ambitious ambulance chaser willing to work for peanuts, or else up the ante to attract a qualified Conservative homophobic slimeball.

  2. This reminds me of that guy from Focus on the Family( the Rent -a -Boy guy) who billed the State of Florida $300.00 per hour for 90 hours just to review his “expert” testimony in a case to decide whether homosexuals should be allowed to adopt children. When it came down to presenting his testimony, all he had was one short verse of scripture from Leviticus to present..The judge tossed him out of court and called him a joke, but the taxpayers of Florida still had to pay him over $130,000.00 for his total services rendered as an expert..

    • The judge tossed him out of court and called him a joke, but the taxpayers of Florida still had to pay him over $130,000.00 for his total services rendered as an expert..

      Why can’t I get a gig like that? I could be an expert. I know lots of stuff, and I can fake what I don’t know.

  3. Swami, I call this expert Dr. George (Rent Boy) Rekers. Rent Boy Rekers also pulled his expert witness scam in Arkansas also, and the Supreme Court there recently had the good sense to abandon their anti-gay foster children law. If I were the AG of either Florida or Arkansas, I’d probably be asking Rent Boy Rekers for my money back!

  4. Paul Clement went away whining about how noble it is to defend his poor downtrodden clients (Congress) whose opinion (a law denying homosexual citizens equal rights) is unpopular in certain circles (anyone wishing to comply with the U.S. Constitution).

    Yes, how noble of this d-bag to “defend” Congress from the reviled citizenry it sought to oppress. What a true American hero!

    As Bill the Cat used to say, “Ack.”

  5. Bit of local Troutman & Sanders (the law firm in question) history. One of the original partners was Carl Sanders, once a governor of Georgia (back when they were always Democrats). Sanders very stealthily (as one must in these parts) upgraded the state schools big time, especially the universities. Later, Lester Maddox monkey-wrenched all of Sanders’ good work for schools, but at least Sanders made the effort and met with success until the troglodyte in office after him blew it.

    Anyway, I hope some of the storied history of that particular law firm filtered down over the last generations and was still in place when they declined to handle the DOMA case.

    You know, Howard Dean was right about reaching out everywhere and not just writing off places like Georgia. The people in places like this who continue to be liberal and have to be pretty hard-headed to stay blue in a red environment. Reaching out to liberals in places like Georgia is a good idea. That’s probably why the DLC abandoned it and kicked Dean to the curb.

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