Did the Bushies Target Juan Cole?

An ex-CIA agent is saying that the Bush White House asked the agency to dig up dirt on Professor Juan Cole, Middle East expert and blogger at Informed Comment. Professor Cole responds.

The retired agent says the Bushies didn’t like what Professor Cole was saying about the Iraq War and wanted to discredit him. It really does sound like something they would do, doesn’t it?

13 thoughts on “Did the Bushies Target Juan Cole?

  1. If they’ll out a CIA agent I don’t think they would even think twice about smearing an academic.

  2. Are you talking about the invasion, and occupation of Iraq Swami, because it really was never awar, you know that.

  3. jugheadjack ..Technically you’re probably correct..so I’ll call it the waste in Iraq to eliminate confusion. But my question that’s deeply rooted in sarcasm still remains…Is it over?… and did we win?

  4. And their “freedumb” “small government” followers think it’s awesome that the US government would spy on and bully one of those pointy-headed intellectual liberals.

  5. They committed treason when they revealed the identity of a CIA covert operative. They are traitors to this country.

  6. I suspect that Juan Cole wasn’t the only one targeted.

    I’d bet journalists were also targeted.
    I’m pretyy sure someday that we’ll find out they had people going through Sy Hersh’s garbage every day, or trying to hack his computer. Maybe Krugman and Rich’s, too. And actually Mo Dowd was plenty brutal on the Bushista’s, as well. And that’s just the ones from the New Yorker and the NY Times. I’m sure they hated McClatchy, too.

    Any group that would target an undercover CIA operative, in retaliation to what her husband had written, would stop at little.
    Especially as you got into a “war” with a country and justified your actions by saying there’s a strong possibility of that nation having nuclear weapons and using them against the US – and the CIA operative you outed was undercover trying to find out nations/groups had, or were trying to acquire, nuclear weapons.
    Think about that for a moment.
    I can’t think of anything more heinous, and more stupid (I can’t thnk of a better description of the Bush Junta – except to add, hysterically, horribly, inept), than outing the very agent who’s trying to find something like that out, as you try to justify the invasion and occupation of a sovereign nation you accused of having them.
    Think about that for another moment.

    And what’s scary, is that we may look back at the restraint that the Bush Administration showed compared to future Republican ones.
    I mean, after all, what repercussions were the Bushista’s?
    It’s nice to look ahead.
    But that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing behind you waiting to pounce again.
    And for that, we can “thank” Obama and the Democrats.

  7. Al Jazeera, Ashleigh Banfield, Dan Rather; all targets of Bush’s war on information.

    “Is it over… and did we win?”

    According to Sy Hirsh, it’s about to take a grim turn.

  8. It has the classic Bush Era combination of nastiness and colossal stupidity. They actually had to use THE CIA to find out about a guy who was running a widely available blog, teaching at a huge public university, and presenting regularly at think-tanks seminars, all in the United States?? Didn’t they have any interns hanging around with a laptop and Google?

    It’s not like Juan Cole was hiding in a cave (or a house in Abbotabad.)

    And we all know they didn’t need actual dirt to smear someone. Five minutes and a browser would have given them enough to spread lies about him, but they went and put the CIA on the job. Classic.

  9. Bill Bush – Nixon’s ordered break-in of Ellsberg’s psychiatrist’s office?

  10. According to Sy Hirsh, it’s about to take a grim turn.

    Yeah, I’m hearing that come December if our asses ain’t out of Iraq, Moqtada and his Madhi Army are gonna be breakin’ out the cordless drills again. Like they say..get out while the gettin’ is good!

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