The Wingnut Year in Review

Some more good articles — Brian Beutler, “The GOP’s Year Of Living Dangerously: What Did Its Hardline Strategy Produce?” and Ezra Klein, “Newt Gingrich’s health-care problem — and the Republican Party’s.”

You probably heard that Newt missed getting on the Virginia primary ballot. Turns out one of his campaign workers turned in too many phony signatures.

8 thoughts on “The Wingnut Year in Review

  1. Please, Newt. If you deduct the fraudulent signatures collected by the one guy you want to scapegoat, your ‘honest’ organization could not collect 10,000 signatures in your home state in how many months. You are pretending you scored a touchdown that was called back on a holding penalty. Pathetic.

    Consider that in Wisconsin they have collected over a half-MILLION signatures to recall the governor – and reached the requirement with 3 weeks to spare. Got that. Fifty times the number of signatures in way less time than you had. And you think you could be president? Not of the PTA.

  2. It’s December 7th 1941 all over again….A day that will live in infamy, perhaps?

    Ain’t that ironic.. The master fraud who scored 1.8 million dollars in the great Freddie Mac rip-off gets tripped up on his biggest caper by a minor fraudster who can’t even forge 1500 signatures. Maybe Newt and his moll doll should start producing videos teaching basic fraud techniques to their less adept followers.

  3. So, Doug, are you saying that, base on the fraudulent signatures, Newt runs a ‘Mickey Mouse’ campaign organization?

  4. Think of all the new speaking fee generators this gives Newt!:
    The importance of honest dealing
    Living up to your repsonsibilities
    Keeping your word
    Fraud in politics
    Seeing to the details in regulations
    Unfair government rules
    Keeping your eye on the ball — sports metaphors are big with R’s
    Checks and balances
    There is a veritable cornucopia of new cash generators in this mess. He doesn’t have time to be president in the face of this money influx. Sorta like Huckabee, who shucked off government for a higher paycheck a couple of years ago. I’m sure you’ve seen his anti-Obamacare ads on MSNBC every evening. Keep on honoring your values, R’s. (And yes, I DO like the fact that that sounds like “arse”!)

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