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  1. Between Pierce’s article and the lovely etching of Mitt as a youngster in the previous post, we have a portrait that encompasses both the physical and the spiritual aspects of the ass-pirant.

  2. Sure, for the intents of the Iowa Republican caucuses, it’s a never ending spiral downward into hatred, fear, and madness.

    On the other hand, Iowa gave Obama a leg-up over Hillary (not that she was a bad candidate or anything) and the rest of the Democratic wannabe’s.

    But in years like this, when there’s a rare Democratic incumbent President, I for one, love the Iowa caucuses.

    Where else could you find photo’s of the candidate, and sometimes their family members, so humiliating and debasing themselves, and for what? About as many votes at the actual caucuses as there are renters in a few large apartment complexes in Brooklyn or Queens?

    It’s pure comedy gold!

    Think Mitt in dress slacks and shirt, flipping pork on a grill with a spatula, looking, for all intents and purposes, about as at home with a spatula as a monkey would be with a Rubix Cube.

    Think Marcus Bachmann looking at a corn-dog, and trying not to act like this wasn’t his dream date on a stick.

    Or the actual candidate, his wife Michele, when holding the corn-dog’s sibling, looking for all the world like the virgin HS cheerleader going down for the first time on the quarterback’s schlong.
    you could see it in her eyes – YUCK!
    And hence, her homophobia – ‘Marcus prefers THAT to me?’

    Or Newt, avoiding Iowa until he had to, lest he be mistaken for a prize hog at butchering time, slaughtered, and hung to bleed out for the farmer’s families winter meat consumption.

    Or frothy Santorum, for years, going from county to county, virtually home to home, like some Christian, Diogenes, and about as successful at finding supporters as the old Greek Philosopher was at finding an honest man.
    And after all of that, still finding himself at caucus time about as popular as a leper with AIDS.

    Only in a state like that, whose main crop is corn, do you find politicians of both parties, trying to ‘out-corn’ one another to get a relative handful of caucus votes.

    Of, course, then it’s on to New Hampshire, where there’ll be more sap’s campaigning than there is sap in the trees.

    And then South Carolina, which has more nuts than the largest Planter’s plant.

    I love it when the Republican candidates have to flay one another and themselves alive, just to appeal to the red-meat loving base.
    And I love the smell of Republicans appealing to that base, and losing the people in the middle.
    Because in the general election, losing the people in the middle – that smells like, victory.

    • I don’t know that Iowa overall is that right-wing. They keep re-electing Sen. Tom Harkin, after all. It’s just that the subset of Iowans who choose to get involved in the Republican caucuses are as hard-core wingnut as they come.

  3. Yeah, I agree.
    But it sure is more fun this year, watching the candidates try to out red-meat one another in the Republican cuacuses, than try to out-nice, and at the same time, out-tough, the other ones in Democratic caucuses.

    To me, at least, a feeding frenzy to the death among fools is far more entertaining than a scout jamboree with a contentious pie-eating contest at the end.
    Of course, if one of those fools wins the general, it won’t be pie any of the rest of us will be eating…

  4. Barbara, you are correct about Iowa, from my observations. If there wasn’t this media frenzy about the caucus, Iowa would present a somewhat different picture politically.

  5. I’ve got relatives in IA and they are the right-wing Evangelical Republican type who see no reason why abortion should ever be an option, and who watch Fox non-stop so believe every African-American is getting welfare and buying t-bone steak, champagne and foreign cars with the check. They’re good people, actually, just cannot imagine a life different from their own. Nor imagine why anyone would want to not live on a farm, in Iowa, and work said farm. Why we allow people who are such a fraction of the population to have such a huge impact on our presidential choices is beyond me. But then again, they did choose Obama four years ago and may choose Ron Paul this year, or maybe a Newt, so maybe it’s not all that bad.

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