Vulture Capitalism on Trial

The pushback against the Bain documentary is out already. A writer for Fortune (surprise, not) picked out what he said were errors in the narrative.

But Jia Lynn Yang in the New York Times documents that even those companies that Mittens brags that he “saved” are following the pattern of sending jobs overseas and hiking up the pay for its chief executives while wages for employees are stagnant.

The issue here isn’t Romney versus Obama; it’s the impact that unregulated capitalism is having on the lives of most working Americans. The documentary presents that impact, even if it’s production values are a little cheesy in places, and even if some of the details are fuzzy.

Greg Sargent:

If there’s one thing the presidential race has made clear, it’s this: There’s broad bipartisan agreement that certain practices of capitalism are not above reproach. It’s not only legitimate, but desirable, to raise questions about whether certain types of profiteering, such as that practiced by Bain, are immoral, destructive and fair game for condemnation.

Romney is arguing that attacking his record at Bain is the same thing as attacking “free enterprise,” but of course that’s nonsense, but his style of vulture capitalism destroys free enterprise. I say again, it really is like a cancer.

So keep pushing the documentary. Maybe someone will make more documentaries. This is effective stuff.

9 thoughts on “Vulture Capitalism on Trial

  1. Guys like Mitt do not even comprehend the difference between creating wealth and redistributing wealth upwards.

  2. Mitt, also too, as a “Vulture Capitalist,” you’re actually a pipsqueak and a pussy when compared to the great “Piratical Capitalist Cannibals” like “Neutron” Jack Welch.

    Why should I want some slow, weak hitting outfielder with no arm, if I could have a Babe Ruth/Henry Aaron, like Jack?

    Why should we settle for a poorer substitute?

    “Neutron” Jack Welch for President!
    Plus, he’s a ‘two-fer!’
    He’s a completely soulless, richer version of Mitt, AND a thrice-married philanderer like Newt!

  3. “Romney is arguing that attacking his record at Bain is the same thing as attacking “free enterprise,” but of course that’s nonsense, but his style of vulture capitalism destroys…”

    Romney claims to be qualified for president because of his success at Bain. But we can’t discuss the predatory style of his leadership. Under those rules, Obama can run for president on the basis he IS president, and put the economy off limits as an ‘attack on democracy. “

  4. priscianusjr: Is that pig Latin for little fancy ass? Don’t you just love when parents give their children clever names?

  5. Michael Moore is fat.

    Not so much lately, he’s lost quite a bit of weight. Good for him. Rush Limbaugh, on the other hand, remains evil.

  6. The spin on this will probably be that Romney invested in companies in an effort to save them, but, alas, found some beyond redemption–not unlike failed big government programs sustained by hardworking people’s tax dollars.

    I keep hoping voters will be bright enough to see through Rove and the Repub’s smoke and mirrors, but must admit there are days when I harbor serious doubts.

  7. muldoon,
    “…there are days when I harbor serious doubts.”

    Yeah – me too.

    Any day ending in a “y.”

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