11 thoughts on “Federal Court Nixes Prop 8!

  1. Right, because Hitler was such a big fan of gay marriage.

    We need a word for the way these people process ideas. “Thinking” is obviously not an appropriate name for it.

  2. Instead of “thinking,” how about ‘digesting?’

    Because what eventually comes out is sh*t.

  3. In the case of gay marriage, as in the case of the ruling requiring Catholic hospitals to cover the cost of contraceptives in their health insurance plan, absolutely no thought is given to the people, the actual people, affected by the decisions.

    The pontificators, not to mention the prevaricators, fill the air waves with the positives and negatives of the decisions all of which never take into consideration how they will affect the people who will be forced to live by them. Therefore, all the ‘talk’ is mere straw.

    Do we really want to inflict pain and suffering on gays who want to marry but can’t? Do we really want to inflict hardship on poor female employees in Catholic hospitals who would be forced to pay for their contraceptives out of pocket – about $50/month?

  4. Republicans can’t make up their minds whether Democrats are communists, nazis, Atilla the Hun, Osama bin Laden or Jack Abramoff. Oh wait, that last one is a Republican.

    At any moment, as the entire Republican leadership splutters and mutters, they’re going to suffer brain lock like Karl Rove did yesterday.

    In the meantime, the Republican candidates have not succeeded in separating themselves from the former president who must not be named.

  5. This promises to be a GREAT year for Democrats. Too bad so many have decided not to run–mostly, of course, because their districts have disappeared. Still, I think people are truly riled; we’re tired of being dictated to by a minority of bigots an 1%-ers.

  6. Yet again, The Party of the Individual fights for more rights and fewer responsibilities for organizations, and of course fewer rights and more obligations for individual people.

  7. The word for ‘thinking’ has to be ‘digest’. As a gardener ‘compost’ is a wonderful thing.

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