The Komen Debacle Didn’t Teach Them Much

I have a nasty cold and don’t feel up to writing much. So I’m just going to link to something I’d like to write about.

Public Religion Research Institute Survey | Majority of Catholics Think Employers Should Be Required to Provide Health Care Plans that Cover Birth Control at No Cost

That’s a majority of Catholics, note. However, certain Republican politicians think they can score points with voters by painting the Catholic bishops as victims of religious oppression by the Muslim usurper Obama Administration. We’ll see.

9 thoughts on “The Komen Debacle Didn’t Teach Them Much

  1. My only comment is to the young women out there. And, that is you need to fight everyday just to keep the rights you have that were gained by many women before you. Then, you need to fight even harder to gain equality in pay and the work place.

  2. I am 67 and have never gone to the doctor for cold. Yesterday I went to one in Spain where I am visiting. I was desperate. I have never been so sick. But lungs are clear. I am so sore from coughing I cry and cough at the same time. There is a nasty bug out there. Take very good care of your self. We need your clear thinking so badly. When you are better I am eager to see a comment about primaries. I simply can’t think of one thing to say.

  3. Off topic but I have to tell as many people as possible. In US Prescription Nasonex costs $130.00, $35 with my insurance. In Spain pharmacist can give it to you for 20 euro or 30 dollars. Spanish residents get it for $3. US spends 17% of GDP on health care; Spain about 7%. I hear a giant sucking sound from middle class into financial services and drug companies.

  4. Just like in politics, where there’s been a reactionary backlash to the late-60’s DFH’s and their communal Socialist ways, there’s been the same thing with the Catholic Church’s attempt to overturn the modernization that occurred in Vatican II, under Pope John XXIII and Paul VI, in the early to mid-60’s.
    The Catholic Church in the USA is out of step with times and their followers.
    The Republican Party is out of touch with the times and the average Americans.
    More and more Catholics are leaving the church.
    The Republicans are losing the voters.
    Pope John Paul II tried, and the current Pope, Ratso-Rizzon, has been trying to take the church back to before Vatican II.
    The Republican Party has been trying to take the country back to the 1950’s – if not the 1850’s.
    Both rely on forms of ex-communication.
    Both are using fear of progress (Liberalism) and misogyny – to the Catholic Church’s credit, unlike the Republican party, they have drawn the line on racism and xenophobia.
    There was a time when the Catholic Church was one of the worlds greatest organizations when it came to fighting poverty and hunger.
    The Republican Party was one of the major factors in fighting for Civil Rights in this country.
    Both are now sad ghosts of what they once were.
    Unfortunately, they’re less like Casper’s, and more like poltergeist’s.

    PS: Feel better, maha! 🙂

  5. Ooops, somehow hit “Submit Comment.”

    Please read it.
    In this review of Charles Murray’s new book, “Coming Apart,” David Frum sounds like a bleeding heart Liberal.

    I wonder if the Conservatives now regret ex-communicating David Frum?

    It seems like Frum’s now vying for “The William F. Buckley Chair Of Semi-reasonableness – When Compared To His Conservative Whack-a-doodle Reactionary Contemporaries.”

  6. Oh, and the reason I love Frum’s review, is that be blames Murray for whining about things “coming apart” from 1960 to 2010, without considering how what’s ‘coming apart’ was built up from 1900 to 1960 in the first place.

    Murray’s a typical Conservative:
    Concentrate on what you want to, and leave out any evidence that might contradict your conclusion.

  7. Yep got it. Works for 3.5 hours. Can take every 8 so 4.5 hours of coughing. It costs about 4 dollars here. Glad to have you back following the Catholic bishops mess. I was catholic for 50 years, a nun for 5. I run as fast as I can from anybody (except one) who is Roman Catholic. The last 2 popes have taken the church back to the stone age of theology. (metaphorically not historically) Gone are the great social teachings, community, and religious liturgy built on these that could connect humans with the Devine. When liturgy is done without social teaching and community it is superstition and a lie.

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