I’ve decided to create a new award called the Do You Seriously Not See You Are Exhibiting Pathological Projection on Steroids, You Asshat? Award. And I’m going to give the first one to Power Tool John Hinderaker. And then I may retire the prize, because I don’t think anyone will ever top this.

See also the BooMan.

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  1. If projection were “santorum,” ‘Power Fool’ Heinie-raker’s projection would make Love Canal look like a computer companies “Clean Room.”

    His, is a complete and total detachment from reality…

    There needs to be a word for psychopathic projection like this – I suggest ‘Heinie-rakering.’

    Remember though, the more facts, the more empirical data you show “MORAN!” like him, the harder they dig into their bunkers of self-delusion.

    I wish we could accommodate them, and stop the world so that they could get off.
    But progress, like time, marches on. And after it marches over them and turns them to dust, they will be, if remembered at all, laughed at even harder than the “Geo-centric” and “Flat-earther” fools – whose ideological children they are.

  2. This actually fits in nicely with your previous post. I suspect the Obama team is trying to call attention to the Koch brothers and what they’re all about, and Hinderaker is helping them. I suspect that Americans in general, once introduced to the Koch brothers, are more likely to see them as slimy asshole plutocrats than humble patriotic citizens.

    So if Hinderaker wants to help define the Republicans as the part of slimy asshole plutocrats, who am I to complain? It’s not like he’s going to convince anybody whose brain isn’t already pickled in Kool Aid. Normal people just don’t see hate speech in comments where the harshest words used are “disputing” and “secretly.”

  3. The Obama haters seem to be coming out of the woodwork these days, and the more they rant and rave against him, the loonier they sound. Thinking Republicans, I assume there still are some, and Independents should be thinking by now do I really want a person governing from the Oval Office who aligns with or subscribes to the maniacal ravings of lunatics?

  4. Maybe you could call the statuette the “Toolie” in honor of the first recipient’s being a self-admitted power tool.

  5. two principled private citizens who disagree with his policy positions

    Ah HA ha ha ha ha.

    Missing rest of that sentence: “…and spread their disagreement to other principled citizens [Tea Party] who express it regularly in the form of grossly racist emails, signs, and shouted epithets.”

    I second the motion that this award be nicknamed The Toolie. It’s for Koch-tools (redundant?), after all.

  6. If you’re giving out asshat awards…I’d like to nominate Rush Limbaugh. He’s worked hard to achieve his asshat a matter of fact, he’s exceeded all requirements to becoming an asshat and has elevated his stature to that of a supreme scumbag. Do consider him for at least an honorable mention.

  7. I can’t find it offhand – there was a university professor up North, WI? who was the ‘first’ to blow the whistle on ALEC and describe the structure and agenda. The GOP went nuts – wanted to see his university emails under freedom of information to discover his source(s) friends and means of attacking him. My point . He touched a nerve and the GOP didn’t just flinch – they freaked.

    This seems like a similar reaction. The wingnuts are desperately trying to distract anyone who might be listening. The Koch brothers have committed 200 million to defeating Obama. At one of their shindigs, they read off a list of 32 million-dollar donors (see Mother Jones – they have the audio tape of it) They have hosted the following governors, Christie NJ, Perry TX, Rick Scott FL (Perry & Scott were a secret until the media forced an admission), and McDonnell VA.

    The rogues gallery at Koch events includes Limbaugh and Beck and among the Washington crowd, DeMint (R-S.C.) and Coburn (R-Okla.), and Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Mike Pence (R-Ind.) – Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas. The worst government money can buy.

    This is the narrative that the right doesn’t want to have to defend or explain. ALEC – the Koch Bros and Grover Norquest. So we get screams form the propagandists ‘Pay no attention to those Koch Brothers behind the curtain’. I say rip down the curtain and put a spotlight on the billionaires who would shear us like sheep.

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  9. My mind boggles over the crud and crap these people come up with. Truly, are there no real thinkers left in the Republican Party? It’s not the party I supported for many years; definitely not Reagan’s party, though now I see that he was part and parcel of the movement, even if he didn’t realize it. I can only hope that the will of the progressive people and those who are scared silly by the Republican stance on EVERYTHING will overcome all the money those asshats are spending to try to defeat Obama.

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