Who’s Your Friend?

Here’s a clip & save for you — “The White House’s Economic Case for Reelection in 13 Charts.” Keep it handy and use it to smack people who say President Obama made the economy worse.

Meanwhile — Krugman has been writing about the “fiscal phoniness” of Republicans who scream about the deficit and then propose economy policies that would make it worse. Today he says,

They issue apocalyptic warnings about the dangers of government debt and, in the name of deficit reduction, demand savage cuts in programs that protect the middle class and the poor. But then they propose squandering all the money thereby saved — and much, much more — on tax cuts for the rich.

And nobody should be surprised. It has been obvious all along, to anyone paying attention, that the politicians shouting loudest about deficits are actually using deficit hysteria as a cover story for their real agenda, which is top-down class warfare.

Also meanwhile, President Obama is touting the improved economy. And it does seem to have improved — U.S. auto sales just hit a four-year high — although it’s a tad early to be singing “Happy Days Are Here Again.”

Some are arguing the optimism theme could make the President seem out of touch (think George H.W. Bush in 20021992). But I think what he’s going for is marketing himself as the friend and benefactor of workers, as opposed to whatever the GOP nominates, who clearly will be the friend and benefactor of the corporate overlords. So from here it looks smart. For now.

Steve Kornacki argues that high gas prices won’t hurt the President. We’ll see. If the economy wobbles along as it has been I think we’ll be OK on that front.

Seems to me the real question mark is the Middle East. Lots of really alarming stuff is going on over there. I take it Americans aren’t focusing on the Middle East much these days, but if something happens that does get their attention, the political dynamics here could shift in ways that are impossible to predict. It wouldn’t necessarily shift against President Obama, however.

7 thoughts on “Who’s Your Friend?

  1. Can you imagine the level of mindmelt that would occur in the fact-free zones if Krugman got just 15 minutes on Faux?

  2. And don’t forget the war on women! That isn’t going to improve the Republicans’ chances.

    I especially mention that because Krugman’s comments about fiscal phoniness reminded me of the way anti-choice zealots will screech about the evils of abortion even while they promote policies–abstinence-only sex ed and lying about the effectiveness of contraception–that will increase the number of abortions performed in the real world.

    Although in that case I’m not sure if there’s any real agenda, except maybe woman hating. But I also think it’s a cheap way for a lot of people to feel self-righteous without really actually doing anything.

  3. When you ask Conservatives “Whose Your Friend?”, “friend” can only be defined as “The Enemy of My Enemy.”

    And that’s how they got into the mess they find themselves in.

    When you try to combine the interests of the rich and corporations, with reactionary, knuckle-dragging, cave-dwelling, racist, misogynistic, religious, xenophobic, and homophobic, “MORANS!”, eventually, you haven’t mixed things to form a wholesome stew – instead, you’ve created a WMSD – a ‘Weapon of Mass Self-Destruction.’
    At least I hope so.
    Truth be told – for many of those groups, self-destruction doesn’t matter, as long as we’re destroyed with them.

  4. I’ve had a bit of interaction lately with several Republican friends.
    I assure you they won’t let the facts get in the way of their beliefs.
    FOX and the Bible, a truly toxic combination.
    It’s a bit sad, really; kinda reminds me of the time I stuck a bow from a Christmas
    present on my cat Mickie’s tail and she ran around the house like I set her on fire.

    I see Sheriff Joe Arpaio down Arid-zona way is leading the birthers over the cliff….
    Adios pendejos………
    Ya shoulda bought a squirrel………..

  5. I just need one talking point to make the case for another term for Obama. A photo of the republican nominee. Caption: Seriously??? nough said.

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