Mrs. Mittens Misspeaks

Yesterday Ann Romney said this:

“I love the fact that there are women out there who don’t have a choice and they must go to work and they still have to raise the kids. Thank goodness that we value those people too. And sometimes life isn’t easy for any of us.”

Somehow I don’t think that’s exactly what she meant to say.

19 thoughts on “Mrs. Mittens Misspeaks

  1. To Conservatives, a world where people, especially women, do not have a choice, is their idea of utopia.

    In that world, Master’s will be masters, and slaves will be completely submissive and subservient to their Masters will and whims.

  2. “Somehow I don’t think that’s exactly what she meant to say.”

    I think “Baby Doc” Bush must be giving Mitt and his Mrs. telepromper mis-reading lessons.

  3. I’m starting to develop a strong dislike for Ann Romney. She emits a negative energy in what she says, and it’s a real turn off..sorta like a mix of arrogance and self pity. Two comments that she made that didn’t sit well with me were when she was being interviewed by Diane sawyer, she said, refering to Obama…”it’s our turn now”. That struck me as arrogant…shouldn’t she have shown a little more humility toward the American public to decide whose turn it’s gonna be?

    The other comment was a reference to a gray cloud that floats above her head, and her not knowing when it’s going rain on her again. What’s she trying to do or say? Is she oppressed with hardship and we should feel sorry for her? Is she angling for sympathy? Is her boldly professed faith in God such a meaningless experience that she goes through life with a cloud of misfortune hovering over her head? She needs to get real.. you can’t claim a victory in Christ and in the same breath claim you’re a victim of the devil.

    Her words don’t jive..and there’s a major contradiction in what she is saying..Maybe she’s picked up Mitt’s habit of saying whatever she has to say to tickle the ears of her listeners.. Whatever it is…It’s not sincere.

  4. Swami: I think that “cloud over her head” was a reference to the breast cancer and MS she has. And while it’s true she doesn’t know when things can go bad for her, she can’t acknowledge how very privileged she is in being able to afford her health care. I don’t know how severe her MS is, but I know that tension and worry make it worse, not being able to access support care and the quite expensive medical treatments also complicates it.

    That comment of having to work and then still care for the children reminded me of Bush’s comment about how great the woman was who held 3 part-time jobs and how uniquely American.

  5. “Baby Doc” Bush had his “Have’s, and have-more’s.”

    Looks like Mitt’s one-upped W, and cornered the market on the “Have more’s, and want-it-all’s!”

  6. I am waiting for someone to check how much domestic help Mz.Mittens has had over the years .And I’m not suggesting there’s anything wrong with the Romney household having a maid, nanny, gardner and gigelo on staff. But I would like to know so we can put the hankies away when she says her life is just as hard as a single mom working for minimum wage

    She’s a mom and that’s great, But she doesn’t have a clue that shes clueless about life among the poorest 20 percent.

  7. Ann Romney’s comment reminds me of that same kind of glibness like Barbara Bush’s “summer camp” comment about the people being holed up in the Superdome during Hurricane Katrina

  8. 9:10 pm, Mittens just gave cliche’-ridden rewrite of Regan’s “Morning in America” speech. rachel Maddow ran it. It was the most plastic thing I ever heard. Its generic opposition could be sprayed on any Democratic incumbent. This guy is Bush III without the Texas accent and without the original weaseling moves.

  9. Ann is trying to maximize her mileage with her struggling woman theme.. and you can’t find a better audience to tug on heart strings of than the folks at a Prescott Bush Awards dinner.

    I’m surprized Ann didn’t list among her travails as a dutiful wife and mother the struggle of having a day long unattentive husband who shows up at bed time cooing.

  10. I pity her. I do really. To be that rich and STILL that clueless- well that is just sad.What a waste of good money! Get me a tissue. And look at who she got stuck having kids and sharing a life with. Seriously! I don’t care how big his wad of cash is he is yucky and the things she has had to do with him no woman should ever have to do- even hookers have standards. She HAD to throw those out long ago to stomach being his wife. So yeah, when a hooker is better off than her maybe we should re consider this pity thing huh?

    And then there is the obvious cries out for attention.PATHETIC. Her husband needs to take some time off to be with his family.She didnt get any support or respect from him in her time of need. Ever hear any mention if him taking family medical leave time to take care of her and how the lack of a paycheck for a few weeks cost them their family home? So she shops for sympathy now. Its sad she has to use her medical history to try to make people like her and for the attention her husband doesnt give her.But of course we all lack the guts to tell her ” You know what lady, being sick is hard for sure but you will never know how hard it can be when you dont grasp cancer isnt the thing you look back on as your “struggles” when you had servants and the best medical care your old mans money could buy, you never lost ANY thing as a result of your inability to bring in a weekly pay check.’A struggle is when you and your kids are sitting on the curb with your stuff in front of what was your home with no place to go and you still have cancer and CANT work, not dealing with servants who bring you a poached egg when you asked for scrambled, but thank goodness we value “those” people too!”

    And about that…”Those people”??????????WTF? Did she need to wash her hands after she said that? Now anyone below her income and social status has been reduced to being one of “those people” How nice that they “value” all “those people”. Cause you know “those people” are not worthy of being valued but they have so much compassion they will value them anyhow.Don’t you feel lucky? Really?And why not say it? Its totally meaningless and requires Nothing.Give em a little pat on the head- thats all.

    I couldnt help but feel a little zing too, as if the problems of the rich are greater “struggles” like she might actually believe that her struggles were harder , but oh yeah, I am sure “those people ” had a hard little time too.

    And the MS card. Now if I have not won you over on having pity for her well think about this. She is sick. She should be home “struggling” with her supportive husband at her side. But he doesnt care about her MS. He is dragging a sick sick woman all over the country after she gave him 5 kids and took a back seat to whatever whim he had at the time for their entire marriage. When is it her turn? If I was rich and my wife had MS perhaps instead of being president I would focus my wealth and whim on finding a cure for MS to end the struggle for my beloved. She wants US to focus on her struggle with MS but her own husband doesnt care enough to stop and take care of her. She is struggling to be heard by her own husband. She wants the world to care when her husband doesnt.

    And that brings up another thing.Listen this is a job interview folks ! This guy has a sick sick wife. Can our company/country afford to hire someone in this situation? As a former owner of a few companies THIS would land his resume on the bottom no matter what his qualifications.And our little cleaning outfits were not even important jobs(like say president of the United States).But as a company I couldnt afford the time off her illness may end up requiring. Can we afford a first lady who has such a poor medical history? What if the, heaven forbid the cancer returns? And/ or the MS gets worse? I want my president to have his eye on the ball. Having a sickly wife all the time is a distraction we cant afford. This is a time when a pre existing condition really does matter. It is not fair to that family to take mitts attention away from his sick sick wife. And even less fair to a nation in crisis to have a president who has family problems that take his mind away from the job. Geez we cant have one of “those people” running the show. And if they say her health issues will never affect his job well than I say if that is the case after she has been loyal to you for decades and that is how you treat her needs then how will you treat the American people if they show their loyality by voting for you?

    Just look at what she said again. It is so wrong and so sad on so many levels how can you not pity someone that far removed from reality?She really needs to start reading The Maha Blog!

  11. If I were to encounter the Romneys, I would probably glance down at the instrument panel of life and see a red light flashing. This would be about the time I realized that they were not the next level of animatronic technology, but real human beings with a strange absence in their manner. Their “compassion”, such as it is, seems created by an extraordinary and unfailing belief in their own virtue. If a quality is virtuous, like compassion, hard work and insight, by Moroni, they believe they have it in spades, because, they’re such good people, you see. It’s a “just world” after all and it’s merely rewarded them fairly by reflecting their superiority. They see nothing wrong with that, not even the circular logic.

    One of the qualities that might aid someone in the acquisition of great wealth is a lack of concern for any consequence of their actions other than the generation of profit. The pursuit must be simple if it is to be successful. Compassion, empathy, altruism and concern for others muck up the works, just ask Ayn Rand. So, the sociopath has a “leg up” in the business world, particularly the nastier bits of it. If we decide as a society, that the luminaries of finance and commerce have just the right stuff to take the reins of political power, we’ll get much more than efficient management in the bargain. I suppose some of the dispossessed and “excess deaths”, who are, ideologically, of a sound conservative or libertarian stripe might find adequate consolation in the opportunity to take part in their own “creative destruction.” Although, even Ayn Rand herself, when faced with lung cancer, decided that “socialized medicine” wasn’t so bad after all.

    Ironically, narcissists lose the ability of self reflection, because they lose the social context and consequences of their actions. They lose the mirror that most civilized societies and people use to gauge themselves. When they achieve power they make nasty handiwork.

    “Did you ever see a shark’s eyes? … They’re like a doll’s eyes, they don’t seem to be livin’. “ — Quint from “Jaws”

  12. Swami,
    I wonder if after the ‘eat cereal’ line, Bain Capital went out and bought Kellog’s or Post? I’m sure CEO’s get free b

  13. Damn my laptop!
    I take that back – I love you, you poor sick thing. Easy, baby, easy…

    As I was saying, ‘I’m sure CEO’s get free samples of their products. Or, a chef who specialized in creating new cereals – after all, money is NO object!
    “Yes, Karl, today I’d like the “Frosted Filet Mignon-ios, with some truffle oil. And the boys will have the Lobster Chex, with clarified butter. Thank you. Now get to work. We’re hungry. We’ve got a campaign to run, so get to it – chop-chop!”

  14. Here’s a little something to calibrate your heart and test your tear ducts to know if you’re being played by Ann Romney in her speaking about Mitt’s totally selfish suffering martyr comment. “I’ll eat cereal for the rest of my life.” I know my wife would be very disappointed in me if I were to express such a selfish concern in the midst of an intimate moment of caring and expressing my love for her. She’s probably say,is that how you see me, as somebody to just prepare your breakfast? A handmaid?

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