Today (and Yesterday) in Politics

Noot suspended his campaign today, officially, and it turns out he’s about $4 million in debt to campaign employees and vendors, who fear they will never be paid.

Newt is throwing his support to Mittens. Naturally, the Obama campaign was ready with a video:

I like the part about Bain Capital leaving companies with enormous debt. Et tu, Noot?

The big news today is that the Republicans for the most part have scaled back their yapping on how the evil Obama was making national security a political issue. Like no one has ever done that before.

Well, I said for the most part. The New York Post was downright snippy about it. They sure had a different tone back in 2003, when President Bush made a secret trip to Baghdad. Yeah, that was the “preznit gif me turkee” trip.

Even better, check out the Post’s coveraage of the capture of Saddam Hussein. Here’s a headline: “Dramatic Call: How Bush Got the First Word.” Bush got credit just for being woken up for a message. And there’s nothing political about “Tyrant’s Capture Throws Democrats Into Disarray.

Jon Stewart Gets the Last Word:

7 thoughts on “Today (and Yesterday) in Politics

  1. Newt called Romney a Massachusetts moderate…and I can’t figure out which of those two words was intended to be the bigger diss. I think in Conservative code talking that Massachusetts was the deeper dig.

  2. Let’s not forget that Noot is holding his “endorsement” hostage for Mittens paying off the $4+ million in debt of his campaign.

  3. Perhaps those waiting to be paid should get to pick out something from Tiffany’s. Put it on noots tab!

  4. I’m sure those who worked for Newt won’t want to accept any cash for their endeavors.
    They did it for love.
    And they’ll always have fond memories of him and the campaign.

    It’s to bad memories don’t feed families.

    And is too bad you can’t put your arms around a memory.
    But then, you can’t put your arms around Newt either.

  5. Maybe, after leaving Afghanistan a couple of days ago, to rub the Conservatives noses in it, Obama should have done the following:
    Landed on an aircraft carrier in a helicopter.
    Pranced around on the deck in a flight-suit with an overstuffed codpiece.
    Smirked, smiled, and waved, to the military and media people on board.
    Changed into a business suit.
    And, beneath a banner that said “Finally – THE MISSION IS GETTING ACCOMPLISHED!!!”, given this short speech:

    “THIS is how you ‘exploit an event for political purposes,’ BEEYOTCHES!!!
    Look familiar?
    It should.
    I’m following your boy’s lead – and when it comes to exploiting an event for political purposes, you and he were the BEST!
    Now, the mission’s not totally accomplished.
    But it’s close.
    And this time, we’re getting out, and not getting in deeper and deeper and deeper.
    And we killed ObL!
    Oh, and the DOW and NYSE are back up.

    You’re welcome.

    I didn’t get a ‘Harumph!’ outta that guy!”

  6. I positively guffaw when I hear people complain about our ever-present presence in Afghanistan, 1224 and counting? At present we have 1,000 military bases abroad which makes our stay in Afghanistan rather redundant.

    Don’t despair, however. I recently heard that we’ve taken 7,000 of our 15,000 marines stationed on Okinawa off. We ‘took’ that island in ’42 or ’43. Let’s see, that would mean that as of a few days ago we have had a compliment of 15,000 marines stationed there for the last 70 years. We’ll ‘be’ in Afghanistan for at least the next 68 years.

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