4 Dead, 40 Years

I’ve been reminded that it’s the 40th 42nd anniversary of the Kent State Shootings.

6 thoughts on “4 Dead, 40 Years

  1. Swami’s right. It was May 4, 1970 and so it’s 42 years ago.

    Ghod, that was my freshman year at NYU and I was chemistry major. I honestly can’t remember if exams were suspended or not. I was talking to several professors about my grades and status as student. But I remember sitting in Washington Square Park and talking with friends about was happening. The time was scary for a lot reasons.

  2. That WAS a long time ago!
    We still had melodies, and people harmonizing.

    And yet another example of the people in authority demanding that respect be paid to them – with blood offerings.
    Coming soon to an Occupy theatre near you?

  3. This a bad memory for a number of reasons: not only for the deaths of the students but also for the opinion of a great deal of the population that they deserved it, somehow. And also, that this opinion still exists. My first real impression that my government could be so brutal to its own citizens, but, of course, not my last.

  4. Allison Krause
    Jeffrey Miller
    Sandra Scheuer and
    William Schroeder

    are the names of the full-time students at Kent State who were killed. Somehow, it seemed like the names should be remembered. They would be approaching retirement, grandparents, hopefully respected in their communities. It never happened for them, and they should not be forgotten as the individuals they were.

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