Mittens: Presidential or Pathetic?

Yesterday Mitt Romney officially sewed up the GOP nomination with a win in the Texas primary. However, the news focused on Donald Trump, with whom Mittens had scheduled a Las Vegas fundraiser.

I’m assuming most of the American people are not paying close enough attention to politics to take in the Mittens-Trump act. Trump is such a buffoon even Wolf Blitzer has had enough of him.

Do people still think of Trump as a businessman, or as an entertainer? I honestly don’t know.

Campaigning with The Donald seems to me like campaigning with J. Fred Muggs. Trump is the act; Mittens is just the straight man. Trump is still going on (and on) about birtherism, and Mittems is refusing to refute him. To me, it doesn’t make Mittens look presidential, just pathetic.

8 thoughts on “Mittens: Presidential or Pathetic?

  1. I think politics and venture capitalism have the same morality to Mitt: the bottom line.

  2. If the most feckin’ obtuse “newsman” in American, on “The Worst Feckin’ Political Feckin’ Team on Feckin’ Television, and in the Feckin’ Recorded Feckin’ History of Feckin’ Electronic Feckin’ Mediums,” is tiring of your act, you’d better get a new act.
    If Mitt wants to keep hanging out with this old Trump dog, he’d better hire a flea scratcher or two – which may be the first real jobs he’s ever created.

  3. Personally I have questions about Mitt Romney’s birth–not where he was born, but whether he was born, period, and not assembled. At the very least, I think he should be required to pass both a Turing test and a Voight-Kampff empathy test.

  4. I had the misfortune of following a flag-waving, screaming eagle, Support the Troops SUV, sporting an Obama GONE bumpersticker this morning – and the thought came to mind, “Good luck with that one, you really think Romney’s going to make BHO disappear?”

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