3 thoughts on “Doc Watson, 1923-2012

  1. I couldn’t quite remember what Doc Watson had done, but I definitely remember that particular tune, which I haven’t heard in many years. Thanks.

  2. I could say Doc Watson cost me a couple of years of my life. When I was in my early twenties Doc Watson knocked my socks off. I spent hours and hours trying to get his style down. That was back in the day when there were no video lessons and the best you could do was wear the vinyl out until you had enough to keep working on. His right hand was magic and there was no way to catch up to it, at least I never found one.

    Jobs were scarce when I graduated, but the first big thing I bought was a Martin D-35 (Maybe I should have gotten the D-28, looking back on it.) and when I could afford a stereo I got Doc’s albums.. I am going to miss that guy.

  3. This year at Merlefest, the 4-day “Americana-plus” music festival in Wilkesboro, was about my ninth time seeing Doc. It was evident during the last 3 years that he was failing, but his friends shepherded him through performances, and the love in the crowd was something you could feel.

    If you like old-time, bluegrass, blues, country swing, gypsy or any other traditional music, Merlefest is a great time for all, kids and adults. It is the last weekend in April every year, and I recommend camping at the VFW. You wil meet friends, even if you don’t know anyone there. Doc gave us all something wonderful. If you have The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s CD “Will the Circle be Unbroken” you’ll hear him in fine form.

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