Mitt Romney, Serial Liar

First off, a programming note — if any of you can get to the Bronx this afternoon, free concert at Lehman College, 3 pm, Beethoven’s Choral Fantasy and Ninth Symphony. I think the performance is in the Lovinger Theater, or at least that’s where we have been rehearsing (I’m in the chorus). Freude! Oh, and the 4 train isn’t running to Lehman College today, naturally.

Now, something to read to keep you busy —

Steve Benen, Chronicling Mitt’s Mendacity, Vol. XX

Associated Press, FACT CHECK: Romney misses a mark on Solyndra ‘friends and family’ claim. See also Jake Tapper.

4 thoughts on “Mitt Romney, Serial Liar

  1. You know what should be the lead on TV and radio news, and in VE and VJ bazzilion-sized bold font?:

    Now that them there’d be some news!

    Of course, the MSM in this country has to look around for a Democrat who didn’t tell the exact truth and/or fudged some facts, or Obama who misspoke, and say, “See! BOTH sides do it!!!”
    Our “Fourth Estate” is one of the main reasons we’ll soon end up being a “Third World Nation.”

  2. Elizabeth, that was a very sad article. I believe the Chinese man who abandoned her is the person who should be standing trial. After all, it was his actions (having sex with a woman not his wife, telling her to get along best she can after he found out she was pregnant, etc.) that brought about the results. Maha, hope the concert went well. I am jealous. I used to sing in choirs/choruses and miss it very much. Beethoven’s Choral Fantasy is a dream piece of work for choirs.

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