4 thoughts on “The Audacity of Dopes

  1. The funny thing is (read – not at all funny), is that the feckin’ mandate is their feckin’ idea!
    And without the mandate to pay for what the (apparently) RINO’s may want to keep, they CAN’T FECKIN’KEEP IT! It will drive the price up astronomically, and make health care unaffordable for more, if not even most, people.
    Wait, don’t say anything – I think I know the answer.

    Liberals wanted “Single-payer”- or, what it should have been called – “Medicare For All.” Cheap and easy to administer – but NOOOOOOOOO!!!

    And yeah, sure, they’re feckin’ dopes. But so’s that moronic feckin’ woman holding-up that sign that says “Obamacare is Immoral!”
    Caring for others is “immoral?”
    The Bible I read said the exact opposite about caring and ‘morality.’
    And there are millions, no – TEN’S of millions of feckin’ dopes, as feckin’ dopey as that feckin’ woman in pink holding that feckin’ sign.

    Maybe, instead of letting it be labeled, “Obamacare,” the administration could have called it, ‘ReaganCaree,’ ‘DoleCare,’ or, after the “Citizens” decision, and knowing how much money Mitt’d have to throw around as a candidate – ‘RomneyCare’ – jess kiddin’ on that last one.
    For that feckin’ dopey woman, and all of the feckin’ dopes like her, Obamacare = N*ggercare. And frankly, they don’t care for n*ggers.

    We’ve “mandated” a lot of things in this country, from taxes to drafts – and beyond, that if the Roberts SC DOESN’T agree to the mandate, it will be along purely ideological (idjitological?) lines. Meaning that they don’t care for n*ggers either – and especially not Democratic ones.
    ‘Colin PowellCare?’ ‘Clarence ThomasCare?’

    Nah – it’s not what’s before it, it’s the “care” that they don’t care for.

    And a lot of people will die years, if not decades, earlier than if we lived in a sane country.
    But we don’t, now do we?
    We live in a self-described (by them) “Christian nation,” where none of the Christians have ever apparently read anything, or been told anything by their priests, ministers, pastors, etc., beyond the Old Testament. You know, the one before Christ came on the scene. So how is it that we’re not a “Jewish nation?”
    And “DOPES”, my ass!
    This is a nation of hate-filled feckin’ idjit’s – and it ain’t gonna last much longer.
    And, like with health care, we’ll all lose the good things this nation stood for, because the feckin’ idjit’s won’t know what they’ve got ’til it’s gone. And if the Domionist Christians get in power, and if you ain’t one of ’em, then maybe you’ll discover what’s really “immoral” – and it will all be done in the name of ‘morality.’ Think, high-tech Inquisition.
    Feckin’ idjits…

  2. That is a good article. I know I watched way too much Monty Python when I was a kid, but that can’t be the only reason everything the Republicans do these days reminds me of a Monty Python sketch. In this case it’s the “What did the Romans ever do for us?” scene in the Life of Brian. “All right, apart from providing coverage for people with preexisting conditions, allowing young people to stay on their parents’ insurance longer, and closing the donut hole, what has Obamacare ever done for us?”

    But if you want to join the Tea Party, you have to really hate the Democrats.

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