Paul Krugman Eats Romney Surrogate for Breakfast

Found on Crooks and Liars:

As Eric Fehrnstrom suggested, I went to Mitt Romneys campaign site to look for his “detailed plan.” This is what I found. Basically, it says that if we just believe in America hard enough and clap our hands, Tinkerbell will live.

There’s also a “full plan” in PDF form you can download. I don’t have time to dissect it right now, but if you’re in the mood, have at it. Just thumbing through it, a whole lot of it appears to be “filler” about what Obama is doing wrong, not specifically what Mittens says he will do better (other than clap his hands and believe).

7 thoughts on “Paul Krugman Eats Romney Surrogate for Breakfast

  1. Republicans don’t treat Economic’s as a social science.
    To them, it’s a matter of religion!

    And if we’re only Conservative enough, we’ll all be fine.
    If you believe enough, great things will happen! (For the rich, of course!).

    The “loaves of bread, and fishes?”
    Jesus took them from the poor and gave them to the rich, to teach the poor a lesson.

  2. Krugman really is right about this. We have not seen what impact Obama would have on the economy because of the obstruction in the Senate, and now the House. Maybe England has it right. Let the one party do their deal and then vote to see if you agree with it or not. But, at least allow the party’s policy to be implemented so that we can decided on its merits. We’ve got one party rule here in WI, and the results have not been pretty. Walker has totally screwed this state’s economy. But at least we can look at it and say that it was Walker’s policy that did it in. But with the cloture vote and divided government at the federal level, no one ever gets held responsible, or given credit, for their policy. Simple answer is that we are operating under a constitution that is showing its age. Time for a new one.

  3. I glanced through the pdf, and the details appear to be tax cuts and deregulation. Plus union bashing, drill-baby-drill, and a healthy dose of good old-fashioned lying.

  4. Heh. Maha, that’s not just “clap your hands and believe”. It’s emptiness. It’s a seething black hole of emptiness, sucking away at the very life force of intellect. It’s a steaming vacuity, so powerful in its meaninglessness and pointlessness that it allows vacuity itself to steam, a physical and philosophical impossibility, made real by it’s sheer, unadulterated emptiness. It says less than nothing; one finds one’s self determined to read both fluff and hard science, to assure one’s self that both emptiness and intellect have not been damaged by its association. All statements to the effect of that link being nonempty are heretofore inoperative. It is an ex-nonemptiness.

  5. LongHairedWeirdo: Well said. I haven’t read either Heidegger or Sartre, so I don’t think I’m even qualified to describe the nullity that is Mitt Romney. But to put it in Buddhist terms, the form that is Mitt Romney is emptiness. What’s truly horrifying, though, is that the emptiness that is Mitt Romney has no form. This breaks all the rules. Mitt Romney is the only known instance of a void that is not form.

  6. No small part of the answer has to do with the wrenches the Obama administration has thrown into the economy. Badly misguided policies have acted as a severe drag on growth. We can count here the binge of borrowing and spending that set off worldwide alarms about the creditworthiness of the United States and led to Standard & Poor’s unprecedented downgrade of our nation’s sovereign credit rating. We can also count the vast expansion of costly and cumbersome regulation of sectors of the economy, ranging from energy to finance to health care. When the price of doing business in America rises, it does not come as a surprise that entrepreneurs and enterprises cut back, let employees go, and delay hiring.

    Uh, you know how they used to say never to trust the internet because anyone can publish anything? This one paragraph is so outrageously wrong, it’s crazy that all the screwed bastahrds can swallow it.

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