Help for Lily (the Last Maha Fundraiser?)

I haven’t written about Lily before now, but she moved into my apartment a few weeks after the late Miss Lucy died and took over Lucy’s job of household management. Lily is a black and white shorthair, now about seven years old, who is the most people-friendly cat I have ever met. She marches right up to complete strangers and wants to kiss them (or at least smell their faces). Very often when I’m writing she is curled up next to me, purring.

Last week she stopped eating. Saturday a vet looked at her and suspected gastritis. But yesterday she developed black diarrhea, indicating internal bleeding. X-rays and an ultrasound didn’t show a cause, so this afternoon she’s getting exploratory surgery.

Needless to say, this has blown the budget right out of the water.

My other bit of news is that awhile back I decided to give up trying to hang on to my apartment and sell it. I have quite a lot of equity in the place, even in these trying times, so once it’s sold I’ll have some cushion money for veterinary and automotive disasters and perhaps can stop begging for more money every few months whenever my cat gets sick or my car breaks down. I have an agent, and it’s supposed to go on the market officially this week. If anyone is looking for a reasonably priced two-bedroom co-op in southern Westchester County, New York, let me know, and I’ll pass you along to the agent.

So this might be my last fundraiser for a good long while, or even forever. But I’m guessing I’m looking at about $3,000 in vet bills on top of the $900 or so I already shelled out to save Lily. Which is $3,000 I do not have right now. I’m reconciled to giving up my apartment, but I would be very lonely without Lily.

I don’t have any good photos of Lily, but here is a video taken of her by a previous temporary owner:

And here’s the PayPal button. I’m still looking for some other way to pay online, but if you really can’t deal with PayPal, let me know.

All help, however modest, is deeply appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Help for Lily (the Last Maha Fundraiser?)

  1. maha,
    How can I refuse my favorite blogger?

    Just give me ’til Friday.
    Not that it’ll be a lot, anyway – more along the lines of “It’s the thought that counts…,” than “WOWIE ZOWIE!”

  2. Done, dear Barbara. My thoughts are with you and Lily. I have been through this; it is very painful. So hoping all goes well.

  3. Done, and sorry to hear of it. My one-eyed, teeth-on-the-left-only Mischa was a great companion to me, and I know you will miss Lily. We have four cats now. Two were intended, while one more was a choice and the other one was “accidental” in arriving. Just remember, four cats is just a few cats, while five is hoarding. That is my rule, and I’m sticking to it.

    Our shelter here in Yanceyville, NC has healthy adult, fixed cats available for $80, including the spay and rabies vaccine! I started the project out, and revolving adoption fees will spay another cat to keep the circle going. Too soon? Not for the cats!

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