Lily Update

The vets found cancer in Lily’s stomach, so I will probably have her euthanized tomorrow. She’ll never be able to eat again, they tell me, so there isn’t much point bringing her home.

I will still be stuck with a terrifying Vet bill, so I hope some of you will still pitch in and donate a few dollars. If everyone who drops by here on a typical day gave even $1, it would be a huge help. As I wrote in the last post, I hope this will be the last time I have to rattle the tin cup.

Thanks sincerely for all help.

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  1. I’m so sorry—Having lost many dogs over the years I know the pain. I wish I could help, but our plumbing is going south, which eats up our disposable income.

  2. I lost a young cat in similar circumstances 2 years ago. It’s rough. I’m happy to chip in a few to help with the cost.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear this. I had a kitty named Sylvester who had the same thing happen. He seemed in fine health, until one day he just stopped eating. It was also stomach cancer and he passed away less than a week later. It was a major shock because he seemed perfectly fine. He was a tuxedo kitty like your Lily. I sent a small contribution to help with expenses a bit. I have pet insurance through PetPlan on all my furkids and I can’t recommend it enough. Obviously it won’t help with Lily but if you have other pets now or in the future, it’s a major wallet saver. In fact I also recently incurred about $3K worth of vet bills and will get reimbursed for about 80% of it. I don’t work for the company and hope I don’t sound like a shill; I’m just found pet insurance to be well worth the expense of premiums, and I’ve been really happy with PetPlan so far. Peace to you and Lily.

  4. I am so sorry about Lily. I remember Miss Lucy, too. I am happy to help. My sister just had to put down her beloved dog, Jolly (an Airedale), of 8 years. She was really down in the dumps until she got a new teacup Yorkie named, Cuddles. I have two 11 year old cats and I am thankful for every additional year I get with them. I will leave something for the kitty, too. Where will you move to? However, good luck to you! Selfishly I hope this doesn’t stop the blog. I love it and start my day every morning with the Maha Blog.

  5. Sorry about your kitty, Maha.
    We have 4, 3 in the house and one very old boy who lives on the front porch because he has lost his bladder control, and is a wee bit senile.They’re all different and charming.
    I toss a bit in the cup when I get back on Thursday.
    Hang in there dolly!

  6. So sorry to hear this. I lost by 14 year old tabby to cancer seven years ago, followed by his 19 year old companion four years later and it was awful. After years being cat less, we adopted two senior cats this weekend from the shelter, but I still think about my babies.

    “It is the nature of all things that take form to dissolve again.” — the Buddha

  7. I am , at this time homeless and living in a temp situation fighting to keep the only family I have together. It is Paul.E.Bird, my two rescue ratt terrorists and myself. I get so much from this blog and the gift you have for writing. I cannot thank you enough for the years of insight, research and thought you put into this blog.

    So I was very sorry to hear about Lily and the loss of your sidekick. I hope when you are ready you will do a homeless animal a great favor and open your heart and home again, because good humans are hard as hell to find! I know both Lucy and Lily were very lucky ladies who had pretty sweet lives with you.Every kitty should have it so good.

    Even in dire straites of my own, I managed to find a few dollars and I feel just terrible that I cannot give more. It seems to me if I can find a 10 bill when I don’t even have a home, others will dig up a few bucks too.

    Times are really tough , but never be afraid to ask for a hand up when you need one. We all have to pull together with whatever we have to make sure that each other makes it thru to better days.

    I hope that where-ever the next chapters of your life take you , that you keep writing because that is truely your gift. You have at least one fan!Hugs to you, You will be in my thoughts!

  8. Hi Maha,

    We were so grateful when you adopted Lily! We knew she needed a better home than the one she came from, and as her foster family, we were so happy that she went to you. She was truly meant to be an only-cat, and you were her perfect only-human. Thank you for loving her so much. We chipped in what we could. If there is anything else we can do, please let us know.

  9. So sorry to hear the diagnosis. I put in a little to help.

    justme, you hang in there too. This is such a wonderful place to visit in rough times. Plus, no one’s ever alone when they’ve got animal friends… I hope you’re all able to stay together!

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  11. Jeez,
    I’m so sorry maha – that’s awful.
    I’ll kick a little in on Friday.

    And justme – hang in there. I’ll keep you in my thoughts.

  12. Not to get OT, or political – but when did Vet’s become THIS expensive?

    I haven’t had a pet for a long, long time. When my sister and I were kids, we had a couple cats, a dog, and a parakeet

  13. To finish – after we grew-up, my sister went to college, and I moved to NYC, my mother said there’d be no more pets – she had been allergic all those years, but put up with them.
    I had a great all-black kitten given to me, and I loved Bagheera dearly, and had him for 5 years.
    But I changed jobs and moved pretty often – and one move was into and apartment where I couldn’t keep pets. My parents didn’t want him, for obvious reasons. I was heartbroken, but I found a home for him with an artist friend of mine, and his girlfriend, and he was happy there. So, when I moved out of that apartment, he stayed where he was – and lived to be 15 years old.

    I don’t remember Vet bills being insane back in the 80’s – kind of like Doctor’s bills weren’t either. Of course, neither Bagheera (nor I) thankfully had anything as serious as Lily.

    But what happened to make Vet bills this expensive?

    • Vet bills are expensive because they can do just about all the stuff they can do for humans now. I don’t know the final tally yet, but I know that over the past three days Lily has had two blood analyses, x-rays, a transfusion, ultrasound, and finally exploratory surgery. And then there is medication and intravenous fluid, plus charges for three office visits. If I ever get another cat I’m definitely going to get vet insurance.

  14. Thanks, maha.
    It’s been awhile since I’ve had a pet, so I guess I’m a bit out of touch.

  15. CU: Don’t ever get a parrot if big vet bills are a shocker. I have always had dogs and cats and am used to the cost to treat them so I had no idea when I took in birds what I was in for, but I learned FAST! Birds don’t need shots for rabies,ect but they need a yearly check up(called a well visit) and for that single visit the cost is 575.00!!! I nearly passed out! And to make matters worse, a “regular” vet won’t see Paul.E.Bird- he has to be seen by a special avian vet. There are only two in town. I have been very lucky(knock on wood) that Paul.E is a healthy , potty mouth because if a well visit is 575.00 imagine what it would cost if he were sick! Avian science is fairly new and there is more they don’t know than what they do know so I was warned by the vet if the bird ever became ill most times it is a trial and error process trying to heal them(that is a nice way to say it will cost a shit load of money).
    I guess we all picked the wrong job. We should have become mormon vets and we would all be rich!

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