Antonin Throws a Fit

I just declared myself to be President of a new organization, provisionally called “Dump Anontin Scalia.” Anyone want to join? Also I’d like to call it something else that has a snarky acronym, but I can’t think of what that might be right now. Seriously, there needs to be a Captain Queeg clause for anyone appointed to life for anything.

Scalia delivered an anti-Obama screed from the bench today that was utterly inappropriate and an embarrassment to the court. Or it would have been, if the Roberts court were capable of being embarrassed. Paul Campos suggests Scalia is unhinged.

See also Charles Pierce and James Fallows.

9 thoughts on “Antonin Throws a Fit

  1. (Typo alert).
    I think he may be unhinged. How did he manage to be picked for the bench – someone approved of his modus operandi.

  2. For an organization title, how about “Contempt of Court” (or something making use of that)?

    Alito apparently threw his own hissy fit on whether juveniles could be sentenced to life w/o parole. Don’t know if anyone’s had the stomach to read Thomas’s dissents. What a bunch. “Contempt of Court” could be a badge of honor.

  3. How about “Courting Disaster?”

    Looks like someone needs to parentally control FOX News on Scalia’s TV, and also block his access to Rush on the radio.

    And how long before they have to tie him to his chair, so he doesn’t keep leaping out of it to run outside and yell at clouds.
    “Look at that one straight ahead – it looks like Marx! And that big poofy bastard to my right – Mao!!! And that skinny one over there on the left – Obama!!!”
    ‘Justice Scalia, come inside. We have a nice cup of tea and some med-filled pastries for you. Come inside, Sir. It’s starting to rain. And you know what they say about people who don’t come in from the rain?’
    “Jesus, even the clouds are part of the Obama’s Communist conspiracy!”
    ‘Please come in, Judge. We’ll play some Sinatra on the Hi-Fi for you.’
    “Oooh… Sinatra….”

  4. In anticipation of Thursday’s “F*ck you! We’ve got ours, go get your own!” Supreme Court ACA decision, here’s Jonathan Chait with an excellent short article:

    It’s worth reading the whole thing – but here’s the article in a nutshell:

    “This question has become, at least at the moment, the primary philosophical divide between the parties. Democrats will confine the unfortunate to many forms of deprivation, but not deprivation of basic medical care. Republicans will. The GOP is the only mainstream political party in the advanced world to hold this stance.”

    ‘Cruelty towards others,’ is the very heart of Modern Conservatism.

    They used to be indifferent to the plight of other people.
    Now, they want them to suffer.
    All to prove to themselves, their own, and their philosophies, superior “morality.”
    This is the “morality” of Jesus Christ if the Bible were written by Ayn Rand.

  5. Scalia, Roberts, and Alito are pond scum. They should be impeached. But, no one has the guts to do it.

  6. OK I admit it. Hell I’m PROUD of it. I am childish, immature and vindictive, and all the other compliments I deserve. And I take on your challenge to name your new organization based on the wit and wisdom of Antonin Scalia. But I must say, it’s almost too easy.

    Antonin Scalia Society.

    You’re welcome.

  7. ummm, how ’bout…. Supreme Citizens Really Organized To Unseat Scalia? The name may need some work, but the acronym works.

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