3 thoughts on “Legislation Theater

  1. Well, in the Republicans defense, it’s hard work doing nothing to avoid actually doing something.

  2. Well, you know what they say – the 33rd time’s the charm!

    This isn’t even Kabuki Theatre anymore.

    It’s Surrealist Ballet choreographed by Salvador Dali on peyote, with music by Kurt Weill and Phillip Glass on acid, with scenery by Andy Warhol on – whatever it was Andy Warhol was always on.

  3. Currently hearing Mittens Address the NAACP. What he says would be less ironic if he had ever shown any concern before, and if he were not the nominee of a party whose leaders are actively against anything that the NAACP wants to get done.

    He just told them that having kids too young and before marriage is a problem. Wonder why he has not found it necessary to say this in other speeches. He is getting some applause, but it is more polite than enthusiastic.

    It is his usual presentation of the US as 1940, which it is not and never will be again.

    His plan is drill, baby drill for cheap gas and coal, open new markets for American goods while stopping China from stealing our jobs, reduce government spending to increase jobs by eliminating Obamacare (Boos, Boos,Boos, Boos) and putting in “something” that will provide what people need, and fix Medicare and Social Security by means-testing, nurture skilled workers with better education, and restore economic freedom to entrepreneurs and dreamers who are being crushed by unnecessary regulation, high health care costs, and antagonistic regulators. He could have included unicorns if he had not limited himself to five items. Poor planning.

    Can’t listen to any more.

    Well, he did just say he didn’t have a hidden agenda.

    Says he will address the institutionalized inequality in out education system. Says he narrowed achievement gaps in Mass. schools. Wonder about that. Blames Mass. legislature for stopping his charter school surge.

    Gotta go while he sells canned schools.

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