This Is Just Wrong

Vampire squids, indeed

The report cited a case of an 81-year-old Rhode Island woman who fell behind on a $474 sewer bill. A corporation bought the home in a tax sale for $836.39. The woman was evicted from the home she had lived in for more than 40 years and the corporation resold the place for $85,000, the report said. …

… One elderly Montana woman, who lived alone and had no close family to help her, fell more than $5,000 behind on taxes, the report said. After she failed to respond to letters from the company that bought her home in a tax sale, she was evicted from her Missoula home. As a result, she lost about $150,000 in equity in the property, according to the report.

At the very least, I say the companies that foreclose should not be allowed to profit more than they are owed, and any additional funds from a sale should go to the homeowner.

5 thoughts on “This Is Just Wrong

  1. You clearly don’t understand job creation and economic freedom. Probably a liberal like me. I bet Mitt can explain it to us.

  2. I think it’s fine that they resold the property.

    All the better to have a 99% tax on all of these transactions and their profits – with the tax money going to help these and other seniors, to keep them away from these Predators.

    No profits = no predators.

    And if they figure out some other way?
    Shoot first, and ask questions about how they did it later.

    It seems as if this country had some sort of viral ‘Sociopathic Swine Flu.’

    Oh, and some of Europe, too.

    Hey predators – what if it was YOUR mothers?
    Never mind – they’d have killed them off for money long before they got old.
    Scratch that question.

  3. With friendly corporations like these who needs Al Qaeda to be wronged? We can cannibalize our own but as soon as the threat is from outside our borders everyone’s an instant patriot and no war’s too good.

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