Power Tool Shorts Out

This is precious. Steven Hayward writes at Power Tools that news media are turning against President Obama.

As I predicted last week, the media are starting to turn on him. Right now it is mostly showing up on the editorial pages in the ranks of unsigned endorsement editorials. Papers that endorsed Obama enthusiastically in 2008, like the Orlando Sentinel, are coming out for Romney.

On Memeorandum, Hayward’s rant was grouped with the following editorials:

The Salt Lake City Tribune endorses … Obama.

The Denver Post endorses … Obama.

The Tampa Bay Times endorses … Obama.

What’s that you said, Hayward?

Hayward is very excited that the New York Observer endorsed Romney. This shouldn’t be surprising, however. The Observer was purchased by trust-fund baby Jared Kushner in 2006, after which its better writers — the ones I liked, anyway — walked out. It used to be an intelligent read; now it’s mostly an upscale tabloid.

But isn’t it just like a wingnut to see a couple of endorsements (or one poll) as the beginning of a tsunami.

9 thoughts on “Power Tool Shorts Out

  1. Romney appears to be very popular here, in the Orlando area. I see many more Romney signs and bumper stickers. Its no surprise that the Orlando Sentinel has endorsed him, and I’m not happy they did.
    Lockheed-Martin and numerous other “defense” contractors have operations in the Orlando area, and the good old boys’ club over at Bay Hill wield alot of clout here.

  2. I finally got to watch the full “Romnesia” and Jon Stewart videos below (work = firewalls), and I’m still chortling over “Please proceed.” I think, once again, Mr. Stewart’s closing admonition applies: “No; don’t help them. Let them cry themselves to sleep. It’s the only way they’ll learn.”

    Speaking of yard signs and bumper stickers…. Here in Nate Silver’s “R + 19.0” red zone (NE, Congressional District 1), I have to date seen precisely one Romney-Ryan bumper sticker, and, on my honor, zero yard signs. Granted, I don’t drive around the parts of town where the Richie and Rhonda Riches live, but for more than a year now I’ve seen Obama-Biden bumper stickers and yard signs, a few more every week.

    The last time I saw that pro-blue disparity around here was in 1992. I know that probably doesn’t mean anything, since on Election Night we’ll be redder than ruby slippers, but still….

  3. Good to hear, Joan.
    Here in Beautiful Kissimmee, we have three types of trailer parks;The well kept snug little retirement parks, the latino ghetto type, and the stars and bars “redneckistan” type. The former and the latter seem to favor the “Romulans”.

  4. Steven Hayward is just another fool at Power Tool, where mental constructs look more like hand jobs.

    Let’s see, Michigan, where Mammon Mitt was born, is, at the very least, leaning Obama.

    Massachusetts, the state where Mitt was Governor, has Obama with a huge lead.

    And now, the Salt Lake City Tribune, in the heart of Mormon Mammon, endorses President Obama.
    THAT, folks, has gotta sting!
    How could they do that? I mean, he’s running for President, for pete’s sake!

    I think it’s fair to say, that to know Mammon Mitt, is to dislike him.

    Oh, and one small quibble with President Obama’s great “Romnesia” line – Mitt know exactly what he’s doing: it’s the VOTERS that he hopes are the ones who catch Romnesia.

  5. The Salt Lake Tribune’s endorsement is defnitely a nice slap to the Rs, but it isn’t the super-Mormon paper in town. That honor belongs to the Deseret News, and if *they* were to endorse Obama, I’d have to ask for their publisher’s birth certificate to make sure it wasn’t an impostor.

    Salt Lake City is much more cosmopolitan than it gets credit for and is reliably Democratic in elections that can’t be gerrymandered all to hell and gone by the trog state legislature. The rest of the state is as bad as everyone thinks.

  6. (had to check, but the Trib endorsed Obama in 2008 as well. Going against Romney is a bigger surprise, though, definitely.)

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