11 thoughts on “The President’s Romnesia Riff

  1. A great take-off on Jeff Foxworthy!

    If you don’t know the names of any of the staff at any of your mansions, and don’t care – you MIGHT be a Romney!

    If your car elevator breaks down, and you tell the chauffer to bring your limo up on the escalator – you MIGHT be a Romney!

    If you want to be President just so you can fire the nation – you MIGHT be a Romney!

    Try the prime rib, you won’t regret it.
    And don’t forget to tip the wait and bar staff, folks! The 47%ers need to eat, too, you know. And if you think they don’t – you MIGHT be a Romney!

  2. Can you imagine Mitt trying something like that? He just doesn’t have the sense of timing.

  3. This completely made my day. Didn’t know Barack had it in him. A little halting at times, but he killed it by the end. Now, what will Romney come up with to counter it?

  4. It’s ingenious how Obama can call someone a liar without calling them a liar. He makes us feel sorry for poor Mr Romney and his affliction. I don’t really know what was in Obama’s mind during the first debate, but it sure sounds like rope-a-dope, the perfect setup for a comeback like this.

  5. Gee, Mr. Gulag, I was just reading the comments about the Smith dinner at Crooks and Liars – read yours and recognized the writer before I even read your name. How about that ? 🙂

  6. Lynne,
    That’s pretty funny!
    Well, and it’s nice to see that, though I may be an idiot, at least I may be one with a somewhat unique voice. 😉

  7. gulag… Agreed that we are talking about Mitt Romney? Tossed about by every wind of political assertion and unstable in all his ways.

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