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  1. Erickson is a chowder head just like Newt Gingrich..I can tell there is a partial matching DNA sequence alignment between the two without even having to look into a microscope. It’s the conservative chowder head syndrome.

  2. I can’t source something I saw on TV about laudanum, an opium derivative, in the era of the wild west which was a leading form of ‘suicide’ among prostitutes. But laudanum had a property of causing a miscarriage in a high dose – so some number of ‘suicides’ which can’t be calculated was the desperate result of an attempt to self-abort a child the women were unwilling to bring into the circumstances they would have to endure. The high risk of dying was acceptable.

    The same people who scorn poor single women who get pregnant are eager to deny food stamps, hosing assistance and subsidized medical care. They want to create the same level of desperate circumstances which drove women of the old west into a deadly gamble which many lost.

  3. WOW!
    Erick, what a scintillating wit you are!
    Now, the jury has to decide whether you’re a Half/Nit/Dim/or F*ck-wit.

    My vote’s, for F*ckwit.

    Let’s see him recommend a coat hanger to a woman in HIS family, if she find herself pregnant with an unwanted child.
    I’m sure with his FOX salary, he’ll be able to fly her to some nice clinic somewhere in another country, if they outlaw abortions here.

  4. Now if it had been thirty-nine men who died because they were performing illegal prostate surgery with a hanger, well, just imagine the laws and clinics that would be available to stop this scourge.
    I wish that Erick Erick (no son, because I’m sure no one will claim him as such) was an outlier with these types of callous comments, but it’s not, it’s how repugs talk. Every F-ing repug I know talks in this same callous and utterly disrespectful manner. Think of the trolls that show up, do liberals go on Redstate and do the same thing? I doubt it.

  5. OT: I am having very unwholesome thoughts about Zimmerman juror 37B and shaking my had at how utterly dysfunctional a person can be and still serve on a jury. I already know that– of course– the lawyers prefer to recruit impressionsble dummies, and high-functioning people actively evade jury duty, but it was still a sour taste in my mouth on NPR before my cleaning java.

    Great empires usually last 500 years, but the brits, the spanish, the dutch, and the Romans did not have to contend with Fox news.

  6. There may have been 39 women whose death certificates actually stated that they died from back-alley abortions. But a lot more women were treated for the results of these things and survived. Also I seriously doubt doctors put “botched abortion” on a woman’s death certificate, because that’s a public record — I bet they said something like, “abdominal trauma, unknown origin.”

  7. Well, if you liberals didn’t have the obstacle of compassion you’d be able to see the humor in what Erickson says.. What could be funnier than laughing at desperation and suffering?
    It reminds me of a supposedly funny joke I heard in childhood…Adolf Hitler and Herman Goering were having dinner in the Berchtesgaden one cold December night. As the room temperature dropped, and the evening wore on, Goering was feeling a chill. He turned to Hitler and said, Gee, Adolf, it’s getting chilly in here… please throw another Jew on the fire.

  8. The audience for this kind of misogyny is dying off, and the young folk see it and are disgusted. Soon the Right will be stone cold dead in this country. Good job, Erick.

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