The Senior Senator From Massachusetts Kicks Ass

Charles Pierce:

My god, this is a kicking of the ass. Sooner or later, they’re going to realize that you really do have to bring the A-game on this stuff to the Senior Senator, or she is going to smile her Okie smile and the hook is going to come off the jab and, as the great Jimmy Breslin once put it, you will leave the ring in a blanket. She does mean business. Someone should start to believe that

10 thoughts on “The Senior Senator From Massachusetts Kicks Ass

  1. You’ve got to love how the good-looking male CNBC stooge used a banking failure from the 1980’s, completely oblivious to that proving Senator Warren’s point about failures coming AFTER deregulation.
    And, DUH!!!

    That was like watching Mohammed Ali in his prime sparring with Junior High School Featherweights.

    If I was CNBC, or FUX Bidness Channel, I’d be afraid to have her on anymore, lest she get tired of the adult anchor Featherweights swatting at her, decide to end it, and after head-snapping jabs to my anchor’s, do left-hooks to their buttons, leaving them lying on the boxing ring floor, quivering like bowls of Jello during an earthquake.
    Only not as intelligent as Jello, of course.

  2. I loved how she kept her voice very soft, like a kindergarten teacher speaking to some unruly students, and completely ripped them apart. Wow, a senator who actually knows something. Sadly, this will be the last time she’ll be asked for an interview because she made them look bad and they’ll have on Schumer or, Buddah help me, Joe Lieberman to pander to the misconceptions of our ruling class. Lieberman has to find someone he can kneel in front of after he’s all retired and everything.

  3. I also loved how she also said, earlier, that “Banking should be boring.”

    That’s the kind of simple sound-bite that Democrats are usually terrible at.

    Most Democrats would talk about the need for fiduciary oversight to insure compliance through strict bank regulation so that the markets wouldn’t get too excitable, and force downward pressure on those least able to handle a downturn in their personal financing.

    Instead, the GREAT new Senator from MA, says, “Banking should be boring.”
    I think I’m in love. *sigh*

  4. I am so glad I gave my pauper’s mite to Senator Warren’s campaign. Totally, absolutely worth it.

  5. This made my morning. She has this wonderful, disarming charm, like your kind, old fourth grade teacher, backed by a quick, encylopedic intelligence. Thank God she found some mavericky Republicans like McCain to co-sponsor. This bill will be a test as to whether the genie can be put back in the bottle, whether money controls the country or whether people control it.

  6. Jim Cramer said that Warren had “no impact” on CNBC. Sadly, this is one of the few times I believe him.

  7. Elizabeth Warren should be the next US president. There is probably no chance in hell of that happening.

    But I won’t give up on this recurrent dream I have of a US president throwing the Wall Street banksters in jail for fraud. Lloyd Blankfein, Hank Greenspan, and Alan Greenspan sharing a cell – what a pretty picture that would make.

  8. Sorry, Hank Paulson. I really need to read my posts before I hit the “submit comment” button.

  9. It reminded me of Emimin at the end of 8 mile. She needed a mike to drop and walk off the stage.

  10. I am glad to have seen this in time. Now CNBC has blocked it on copyright grounds!
    This latter action should not go unpunished. How quickly can this blocking action become a story greater than the original story was?
    What can be done to have the whole blogosphere abuzz with the clear fact that CNBC is ashamed of its product and its third-rate staff?
    I do not know how to make stories go viral. Can the process start here?

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