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  1. I saw that last night, the best thing Lewis Black has ever done, how I wish I could tell “Ooops I forgot the third” to fuck off on national TeeVee!

  2. GREAT!!!

    Who’s going to move from NY City to Texas?
    What company?
    For what reason?
    I don’t think most of the workers would go – and so, most companies won’t go because of the high percentage of Bubba and Bubbette “morans” all y’all got down there, to replace them with.
    Parents will take one look at your textbooks, and they’ll be like, NO WAY!!!”

    Seriously, Governor Perry, enquiring minds really do want to know, ‘What do all y’all do in Texas?’

    No – let me translate that question into NYese:
    Watchoose motherfockers do, down in fockin’ Texas?

    No, we mean, besides widjoor family membah’s ‘n fom animals, eh?

    We’z got moh tings to do ‘n eat on one fockin’ street dan youz gots in yo whole fockin’ state!

    We’z can get laid in any borough – youz gotta go an’ lay ya burro.

    We’z gotta lot ta sell.
    ‘N youz? Whadda youz gotta sell?
    Some space, sand, snakes, droughts, and “morans!”

    Yeah, tot so…


  3. On a serious note — I’d be willing to bet that a lot of those Texas jobs Perry brags about are in the oil industry — in other words, based on extracting resources from underneath Texas. That industry can’t move anywhere.

  4. True, Anniecat45. The states that make a living from oil all act as if it were there because they put it there.

  5. I lived there for two unfortunate years. The proudly-ignorant swaggering mediocrity of GW Bush is a good representation of the typical attitude in that state.

  6. I do wish an organization would make the money available to the Mayor of NYC and the Governors of the states Perry has targeted to put out their ow radio ads discussing the differences in education spending (per capita) and a host of social and economic issues which show the neanderthal condition of Texas.

    A few governor dunderhead commercials for good measure – and a reminder that Texas has become the laughingstock of the country – and would the village who loaned their absent-minded idiot send him to run for president again – we need him to supply material for jokes.

  7. First comment: A company that has been lured to Texas can also be lured away. (Although obviously an oil/energy related company might not.)

    Second comment: I have friends who recently moved to the Dallas area. Mike works for [???]bank; his job was being moved to Dallas. They gave him several months to find a job here in NYC before having to decide to move with the job. He couldn’t find another job, so they moved.

  8. This made my morning. Love the Attitude.

    However – what Perry is selling works. Laugh at the radio ads all you want, but it’s the main wingnut communication pipeline. They’re not being dumb when they chose radio. And it’s cheap. Tune into AM radio someday and listen to the advertising, and imagine the mentality behind it, and behind the target audience.

    Some of you know I used to work for GE. Management at the 110 year old, heavily unionized manufacturing plant, where I used to work, located in the northeast, recently opened a brand new, non unionized facility in Fort Worth. Everyone expects them to eventually move all production south.

    Perry may be a dummy, but he’s talking to dummies who don’t care about multiculturalism or fantastic cuisines, and who despise government. He’s pimping a massive economic wave that he didn’t create, and which has been shifting economic and political power south for more than a century (recall that the first textile mills were located in New England, then moved south, then moved overseas). Laugh all you want, but what he is selling is part of a massive movement that’s been underway for a long time. Unfortunately “the South shall rise again” and we’re seeing it before our very eyes.

  9. One more point. Detroit, formerly the fifth largest city in the US, aka “the Motor City” went BK. One more example of what I’m talking about. Feel the shift of economic and political power southward.

  10. “One more example of what I’m talking about. Feel the shift of economic and political power southward”

    Better get to packin!

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