Frothy Marxism and Other Fables

So Rick Santorum now is telling people that the U.S. is a classless society, and that to even speak of a middle class is “Marxism talk.” Which is a bit confusing, because I thought Marx was the one advocating for a classless society. Is Frothy confessing to being a closet Marxist? Weird.

See also Scott Lemieux, Steal a TV and They Throw You In Jail, Steal a Lot of Houses and They Give You a Golden Parachute. Well, the whole post is the title, plus a link to an article about mortgage fraud. But some classless society, huh?

See also Charles Pierce, Truth and Consequences.

8 thoughts on “Frothy Marxism and Other Fables

  1. “Is Frothy confessing to being a closet Marxist?”

    I am becoming more and more convinced that the teatards ignorance is by design. I mean can they really be that dim? They are purposely trying to ruin the public’s confidence in political leaders and government in general. What better way than to put forward mental midgets like Santorum, Golhmert, Palin, King, Cruz, Bachmann…….. It’s the same thing they have accomplished with FAUX. By completely erasing any semblance of journalistic integrity FAUX and the right wingers have pretty much completely eliminated what little confidence in the media that was left. Most people don’t believe anything they hear or read unless it comports with their preconceived bias, the same will be true for political leaders. In the end it benefits the Right winger’s corporate overlords. Without a functioning media or creditable political system they are free to rape and pillage at will!

  2. Poor Icky Sticky Ricky…

    Trying to keep from being out-looned by the likes of Ted Cruz-ader, and Rand “Know Nothin'” Paul.

    No class system in America?
    Didn’t Icky Sticky Ricky’s parents, or the nuns, give him any “Horatio Alger” books for him to read when he was a young lad in Catholic School, trying to establish his heterosexual boner-fides by hoping to sneak a peek at the girl’s crotches reflecting up from their patent-leather shoes?

    Either that, or he thought “Ragged Dick” was the condition you got after you wiped away that frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of the anal sex that he’s secretly wanted to engage in, for decades.

    C’mon, Icky Sticky Ricky, just admit it – you don’t really want to be the POTUS.

    You’d rather be the first OPENLY-GAY Pope!!!
    Think of yourself, in one of those glorious Pope outfits, alternating your head-gear from jewel-encrusted mitre, to a hand-beaded beanie.

    Simply, to die for…

  3. Is Frothy confessing to being a closet Marxist? Weird.

    You’re over-thinking it. Anyone who thinks America is a classless society is plainly a blind idiot, and no further analysis is needed or warranted. We don’t likewise waste attention on people who think the earth is flat.

  4. There is so much freakiness crammed into Rick Santorum’s closet, it’s a wonder he can keep the door shut. If it ever ‘splodes, I bet “accidental Marxist” will be the least of his problems.

  5. joanr16 …That’s my feeling also.. I can’t readily identify his kink, but when he blows it’s gonna be a good one. He’ll make Wiener look like a piker. I sense he had a bad altar boy experience. Instead of experiencing the love of Christ he only got to experience the love of father McLaughlin.

  6. How strange: to the beneficiaries of class privilege, class is invisible; therefore the 1% thinks it lives in the class-free utopia! How unMarxist we 99%ers must seem to them when we remind them of their own existence!

  7. OT, bumpersticker seen last night: “Fox News: Rich People Telling Middle Class People to Blame Poor People”.

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