The Great March Plus 50

It’s been 50 years since the historic voters’ rights march in Washington.

Rep. John Lewis spoke 50 years ago, and he spoke again today.

1 thought on “The Great March Plus 50

  1. CJ John Roberts, and the rest of the sociopathic and bigoted “Fascist (Not-so) Fab Five” on the SCOTUS, might as well have gone to MLK Jr’s grave, and defecated on it, when they made their odious “Shelby” decision.

    Having said that, MLK’s, is a life and legacy unique in American history.
    We are so much better off because of him, and we are thankful to him.

    That day, was also, unique in American history.
    And from what I watched this morning, a fitting tribute was given to the man, that day, and his legacy.

    Dr. King is no longer with us, but I’m glad we’ve got people like the Reverend William Butler II, in NC, the leader of NC’s “Moral Monday’s.”
    When I was an activist and anti-war/torture/rendition protest organizer in Fayetteville, NC, unless he had a scheduling difficulty, he always appeared – and gave an amazing speech!!!
    I’m thankful that we have great people like Rev. Barber. MLK Jr, I’m sure, is happy that a man like that, is carrying on his legacy.
    It’s times like this, that I wish I still lived in NC, and not NY. Outside of our rural Red counties, as far as integration, we have it easy. NOT that we don’t have our share of problems, and racist knuckleheads – but, most times, they know better than to show their ignorance and bigotry in public.

    Happy 50th Anniversary, to one of the GREATEST days, in our countries history!!!!!

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