Away We Go

I understand that the Senate convened at 2:00 pm today, and at 2:01 sent a CR stripped of conditions about Obamacare back to the House. The House is expected to vote tonight on a new CR that delays the individual mandate for a year (yeah, right) and would require members of Congress and their staffs to buy insurance on the exchanges without any subsidies. Why that last one makes sense to anyone is unclear.

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  1. But, but, but…

    Everyone in their echo-chamber agrees with them!

    And, to answer that age-old Mom-question, “Yes, they WOULD so too jump off that bridge if their friends did!”

    Jump away, “Morans!”
    Please proceed, GOP. Please… please, proceed…

  2. Why that last one makes sense to anyone is unclear.

    Wouldn’t it be to make it appear that anyone voting against it would be doing so to protect their own self interests? just more of playing the blame game.

    let’s take Cruz…Cruz cruz boe booze banana fanana foe fanana fee fi “moe manana for Cruz”.

    Well, anyway it’s 7 and 1/2 hours to go before the American public gets their Tea party wake up call.

  3. Just watched the POTUS statement which can be summed up in a few words.

    “US House of Representatives – do your frickin’ job.”

    The word ‘hostage’ was used. Also ‘in the list of what won’t be done, the POTUS said, supplying these services.. ‘is not a favor to me.’

    The president has seen their bet and called. Time to put cards face-up on the table.

  4. But the more moderate Republicans are deeply frustrated by their right-leaning colleagues.

    “The lemmings will like it,” Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) told reporters of the new CR plan, referring to conservative GOP lawmakers. “I would say the leadership has been backed into a corner by the lemmings.”

    When TPM reached out to his office, his spokesman requested to add to Nunes’ quote: “But I’d be hesitant to refer to them as lemmings because that’d be an insult to lemmings.”

  5. I’m ‘friends’ on Facebook with a few people who are conservative, and they typically don’t post much. But over the last few days they have all posted things about how gov’t workers are exempt from Obamacare. I spent a few needless minutes trying to correct one of them, which was a waste of time. But, ironic that some people that don’t post anything, all of the sudden post things about the exact thing that suddenly gets put into a house resolution. Lemmings all of them.

  6. BB – The purpose of ACA was to provide real insurance that met specific standards available and affordable to people who did not have insurance- and could not afford it. There was the added benefit(s) of preventing rate gouging and ending preexisting condition loophole.

    Gov’t insurance (which I have) has to meet standards, can’t include the preexisting condition exclusion and is affordable because I get ‘subsidies’ from the USPS who pics up much of the cost. In other words, Obamacare offers to the general public what federal employees have. So why would you require federal employees to switch? (Particularly since fed workers aren’t allowed subsidies.)

    The promise of Obamacare to the general public was that they could keep the insurance they have. So why is there a double standard in the GOP mantra which requires that federal employees can’t keep their insurance??

  7. Buckyblue….You’re lucky that you’ve only got friends who are conservative. I’ve got a whole family of conservatives to contend with. I mean like Rush is right bumper stickers types.. I even got one with a email address who claims Trayvon got what he deserved because he was a 6′ 4″ muscle bound thug who had a grill.

  8. Swami; I have a tea bagger friend also. He’s in the hospital recovering from back surgery, 75 yes old, covered by medicare and via. He’s a Glenn beck fan.he’s basically a good guy, but his political views just don,t make sense. He believes anything beck and cavuto say. “Progressives” are really communists; they just son,t know it. When I told him I am a progressive, he freaked out, saying I’m the hardest working guy he’s ever met, it doesen’t make sense for me to be progressive. The auto correct feature on this mini pad is driving me nuts !

  9. WOW!
    I’m watching Cup O’ Schoe’s show, and the Republicans have lost Schmoe, Disco Dancin’ Davey Gregory, and UpChuck Toad.
    And when you lose three of the most obtuse people in our MSM, THAT’S sayin’ somethin’!
    Except, of course, they’re not listening.

  10. Onward to default Baggers. Press on! Remember fellow baggers: The loss of 1 job is a misfortune, but the loss of 800,000 jobs is a statistic.

  11. I’d overlooked one most annoying aspect of a shutdown – the full media assault by House Republicans spewing nonsense trying to make it look like the Democrats’ fault. We’re in for days of nonsense about “fairness” and a “conference committee” and other noise more annoying than a bee using a jackhammer. This morning Nice Polite Republican radio had an interview with an AZ Congresscritter who, even as he spewed his propaganda, couldn’t hide his cheerful glee at the shutdown, and having put thousands of people on furlough. oy.

  12. This morning Nice Polite Republican radio had an interview with an AZ Congresscritter who, even as he spewed his propaganda, couldn’t hide his cheerful glee at the shutdown, and having put thousands of people on furlough.

    Yes, that’s the problem with trying to blame the Democrats. It’s hard to blame someone else for something that you’re taking credit for at the same time. We’ve all seen pictures of idiots waving signs saying “Shut it down!” and they sure as hell weren’t Democrats.

    Well, on a more basic level, the party that wants to drown the government in a bath tub is trying to blame the party that still thinks the government is useful for some things. It just isn’t going to work.

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