Happy Early Halloween

I agree with Digby — the House baggers who forced the shutdown are basically thrill-seekers. They’re like the kids who cruise your neighborhood to TP the trees and break eggs on your car. It makes them feel alive. But they haven’t thought out the consequences.

I also agree with Dana Milbank, that the baggers are so deep in the echo chamber they sincerely believed (a) Dems would concede something rather than allow the government to shut down; and (b) if the government shuts down, they will receive love and admiration as a result.

The bigger mystery is John Boehner. One would think he would know better. I’m beginning to wonder if he secretly hopes the baggers will get a huge public spanking so they will get off his back.

See also Jon Stewart.

Also, too, the insurance exchanges open today! The New York page is a bit glitchy, but maybe it’s getting slammed.

9 thoughts on “Happy Early Halloween

  1. Back about 20 years ago, we had some kids who drove around and knocked over peoples mailboxes.
    Man, they were having themselves A GREAT TIME. We had to replace our mailbox something like 4 times, in half a year.

    Until, tragically for them, one of the idiots holding the pole used for knocking over mailboxes got it caught it in the ground instead, and impaled himself. He bled to death before his pals were able to get him to a hospital.

    I heard that his funeral was sparsely attended.

    Oh, and I let my DINO Congressdouche’s phone representative have an earful earlier this morning. That DINO douche-canoe voted WITH the Teabagger cartel.
    I won’t mourn his political death next year, when we find a real Democrat to take his place.
    It was bad enough when Nan Hayworth(LESS!) was our Congress-critter, now I have to deal with that DINO, Sean Patrick Murphy.
    Sean Patrick, you can add “One-term Congressman” to your resume next year, when we real Democrats primary your sorry ass!

  2. OY!!!
    Wrong Irishman!
    I was so pissed-off, I wrote his name wrong!
    It’s Sean Patrick Maloney – rhymes with baloney, but I now spell P-O-S!!!!!.

  3. “if the government shuts down, they will receive love and admiration as a result”

    Welcome to teabagastan, land of jihadi conservatives!

  4. Jon Steward is a scream!.. I about fell outta my chair with laughter when he showed the picture of Mitch McConnell and started humming the tune to… I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee.

  5. There is a Jimmy Kimmel on-the-street video up now asking people whether they like Obamacare or prefer the Affordable Care Act. Just guess which one most go for! The general ignorance is amazing, but with the disinformation campaign that has been waged, no wonder.

  6. …the baggers are so deep in the echo chamber..

    The clips embedded in the Jon Stewart video amaze me that these people actually think someone is going to negotiate with them.

  7. The bigger mystery is John Boehner. One would think he would know better.

    Not so when your body is screaming for a drink. When you’ve been consumed by alcohol the only thought that inhabits your mind is getting your next drink. The powers of reason and concentration are out the window when you go through withdrawal, and when you’ve become a heavy hitter even an hour spent putting on a facade of sobriety without your juice will send you into withdrawal.
    Odds are that Jack Daniels or Old Hickory cast Boehner’s vote for him.

  8. “Also, too, the insurance exchanges open today! ”

    I got a choice of –Blue Cross, or Blue Cross. At 50% more (before subsidies) than my current- now illegal– Blue Cross plan premium. I support the prez and the IDEA of the ACA, but it looks like the current implementation bl*ws dead goats. Hopefully, by next year, they will have the bugs worked out.

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