Iran Deal: Obamacare Is the New Blue Dress

If this had been meant ironically it would have been amusing:

They’re like a dog with a bone, you know. Once they’ve got their teeth sunk into a tasty talking point, they don’t let go.

This morning I read Fred Kaplan’s take on the Iran deal:

The Iranian nuclear deal struck Saturday night is a triumph. It contains nothing that any American, Israeli, or Arab skeptic could reasonably protest. Had George W. Bush negotiated this deal, Republicans would be hailing his diplomatic prowess, and rightly so.

Of course, right after that I saw reactions from the Right, screaming bloody murder. John Bolton thinks it represents an abject surrender. Bibi Netanyahu thinks it is a historic mistake. If those two are against it, it must be brilliant. See also Business Insider for a reasonably nonpartisan analysis..

10 thoughts on “Iran Deal: Obamacare Is the New Blue Dress

  1. Some how, the Washington free beacon keeps popping up on my fb page, and the wing nut com mentors are going nuclear. I think they’d be happy to bomb Iran just because. Sick pups.

  2. Pity our poor Conservatives and NewCLOWNS.
    No more USSR.
    China a competitor, not a sworn enemy.
    Saddam dead.
    Castro nearly there.

    And now, an historic peace treaty with Iran.

    Who and what will they get their hate-high over now?

    Besides at us American Liberals, women, black and brown folks, gays, and non-Evangelicals, I mean.

  3. It will be interesting to see if the tail can wag the dog this time. Bibi needs to be put in his place, once and for all.

  4. An interesting dilemma for the Senate Republicans. Do they try to block the treaty, or will that distract too much attention from ObamaCare?

    • Stephen — my understanding is that since the treaty is good for only six months, the Senate doesn’t have to ratify it. (Nyah nyah nyah.) A more interesting question is whether the Senate will vote to impose more sanctions on Iran in violation of the treaty. The President surely would veto such a measure, but still, it would stir things up a bit.

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