Fun With Hashtags

This may be one of the best things Jon Stewart ever did. Be sure to watch to the end:

That hashtag, in case you missed it, is #F*@KYOURUSH .

I had noticed the Right was absolutely enraged by the photo of the FLOTUS holding a sign with the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls. Mark Steyn wrote a post called #BringBackOurBalls that was just plain twisted. As in over-the-top projective vomit. I refuse to link to the thing; you can google for it if you want to read it. Steyne is disgusted by the photo, but he can’t say what else the FLOTUS is supposed to do about the kidnapped Nigerian girl, other than send in special forces, or SOMETHING. Like a FLOTUS has the power to order special forces around.

Ultimately, Steyn’s problem seems to be that Michelle Obama exists.

Ann Coulter piled on, but it backfired a tad. Heh.