17 thoughts on “It’s a Book!

  1. Congratulations! I guess I will have to buy it for my Kindle. I have never read a book on it yet, but there is always a first time!

  2. OK. I’m through Chapter One. I love the tone – not preachy, down to earth. You are defining terms as you use them, as opposed to the common meaning. For example ‘fundamentalism’.

    Chapter One is barely introducing the concepts. I looked for a Table of Contents listing the chapters for a clue about organization. There isn’t one and this may be a good thing. I will have fewer expectations about what direction you will lead me.

    So far (and this early) I have only one observation to make – very readable.

    • There actually is a Table of Contents but it’s hard to get to, for some reason. It worked in the preview but not in the live edition. If you start at location 1 and flip pages you come to it, though.

  3. Congratulations, Maha… I got it also.. I had to download the kindle for PC app, reset my email password, reset my Amazon password, and update my credit card info on my Amazon account. But I managed to successfully get a copy and read 10% of it. It’s enjoyable reading..
    One observation that I’ve made thus far is that I really might not be interested in truly rethinking religion because I get so much pleasure from ridiculing the commonly perceived conceptions of Christianity. That might seem strange to say, but in a sense I find that void that religion fills is filled by attacking Christianity. Sorta like a journey of finding the truth by challenging the untruth.

  4. YAY!
    And, congratulations.
    I’ll have to wait until the paperback coms out.

  5. Congratulations on the book! I’m thinking “vestige of the Iron Age” but I’ll keep an open mind, waiting for the hard copy!

  6. maha, You caught me off guard with the teletubby comment. LOL! I was intensely focused trying to understand ‘mysticism’ and didn’t expect such a thorough and concise analogy to drive home your point. Beautiful placement and delivery for conveying a point.

  7. Hey, Swami,
    How about a “Spoiler Alert” for those of us who have to wait to get maha’s book at a bookstore?

  8. gulag.. I worded that comment as vaguely as I could so as not to spoil anybody else’s experience in reading Maha’s book. I also thought of you when posting that comment because maha delivered a zinger and I notice and appreciate that your style of writing and humor utilizes the zinger quite effectively.

    Go to Amazon and create an account, then create and add maha’s book to your wish list (the link is on the site), then download the “kindle for PC” if you don’t have a kindle. You will be given 3 free books from Amazon ( Treasure Island, Aesop’s fables, and whatever)to get you started. Then provide a link to your wish list back to the mahablog and I’ll guarantee that some benevolent soul here at the mahablog will bless you with a copy of Maha’s book for your immediate reading.

  9. I now have the book, and I’ll most likely jump into it this week end. Thanks, Maha.

    • When is the paperback available, Maha?

      Workin’ on it. I’m still formatting the file to be printed.

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