Fun With Hashtags

This may be one of the best things Jon Stewart ever did. Be sure to watch to the end:

That hashtag, in case you missed it, is #F*@KYOURUSH .

I had noticed the Right was absolutely enraged by the photo of the FLOTUS holding a sign with the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls. Mark Steyn wrote a post called #BringBackOurBalls that was just plain twisted. As in over-the-top projective vomit. I refuse to link to the thing; you can google for it if you want to read it. Steyne is disgusted by the photo, but he can’t say what else the FLOTUS is supposed to do about the kidnapped Nigerian girl, other than send in special forces, or SOMETHING. Like a FLOTUS has the power to order special forces around.

Ultimately, Steyn’s problem seems to be that Michelle Obama exists.

Ann Coulter piled on, but it backfired a tad. Heh.

20 thoughts on “Fun With Hashtags

  1. Ultimately, the fact that a black man beat the white Republican/Conservative male candidates in two Presidential elections, is the real problem.

    And dammit!
    They want a scandal that they can hang around his neck – because what they’d really like to hang around his neck, is no longer socially acceptable.

  2. I haven’t heard Rush in a looonnng time, and it’s very clear by this little performance that his soul has ossified into what Stewart described, a Chernobyl superfund cleanup site. The blatant evil surfacing in that guy is chilling. Read somewhere a few days ago that his ratings have plummetted way down from their former peak, the long descent into complete meanness. Someone could make a one minute video highlighting Rush’s outbursts over the years, documenting the descent in time-lapse fashion.

    I love how a tragedy like this brings out the sickness in people like Rush, Steyn, and Coulter, for all to see.

  3. Big bad Steyn uses the term “our balls” rather freely.. If any balls are used you can be certain that his won’t be counted among them. There’s nothing worse than mouth piece that relies on somebody else’s courage.
    What’s Jonah Goldberg been up to lately?

  4. Well, If I was an overweight impotent washed up old spud that reeked of stale cigar smoke I might be lashing out at the world also. What do you do when you’ve become a has been? You become increasingly bitter and nasty as you descend into obscurity.

  5. From Maha’s first link above:

    “His audience is now so small in both markets (NYC and LA) that he is being outdrawn by Spanish language stations and NPR”

    Losing to brown folk and the Liberal Elite, oh how the mighty have fallen!

  6. I wish I could say that I was truly surprised by Rush and the right wing chorus. This, however, does seem like a new low. If they can’t bring themselves to work with people who oppose them politically to show support for the victims of this ghastly tragedy, there really is no spark of humanity left in them. They really are putting on an astonishingly disgusting display.

  7. Rusty Limpballs is upping the volume and hatred, to drown out the swirling-down-the-toilet sound, that are his ratings.

  8. I can’t even imagine how these jackasses would behave if we had a 9/11 style tragedy under a democratic president, but I’m willing to guess we wouldn’t see any of that stand united stuff we saw under Bush.

  9. “And it’s not from ‘The Onion.'”

    I am fortunate to live in a pretty place, but people like those in the article are familiar. The circumstances of their birth and cultural make it difficult to climb out of the hole they are in. Maybe I’ve just had my fill of the southern white culture. But, so many of them just have no model or template for success. and I am talking about a very modest definition of “success.”. Like most of us, they probably gravitate towards the models close at hand, which at least offer them some standing among the members of their community and when they achieve that small place, they won’t rock the boat.

    It’s pretty astounding that they believe people like Mitt Romney and the rest of the Republican pantheon are the ones who understand their predicament and who have some empathy and regard for them. But, there you have it.

    My wild neighbor and friend has left for a town about thirty miles away. I’ll miss him. But, he was a little like the people profiled in the article that Swami linked. He has been on disability for over twenty years, been arrested more times than I can count and refers to his mobile, with a bit of contempt, as an “Obamaphone.” The phone has literally saved his life at least twice that I know of. He’s not stupid or ignorant, but he is a product of his culture and his mind lacks the circuitry and the impetus to think beyond it.

    Sorry, for going on so long.

  10. Regarding Rush Limbaugh. I have the graphic equivalent of “speechlessness” in that I am truly astonished at his brutal mind, and I seem at a loss for words. I found myself searching for a suitable descriptor and one came to me from P. G. Wodehouse, or at least from the “Jeeves and Wooster” series, based on his work. One of the characters referred to an antagonist as “a foul blister.”

    That seems to me a very apt summation of Rush. He is truly a foul blister.

  11. I call Rushba the Hutt, a fat festering pustule on the anus of humanity.

  12. Aside from being repugnant, Mark Steyn’s comments are just dumb. I wasn’t even sure what he was going on about until I realized he thinks all these tweets are addressed to Boko Haram. Which I guess is something you might think if you didn’t know the whole story, but of course Jon Stewart explains it quite clearly. They’re not appealing to Boko Haram to bring the girls back, they’re putting pressure on Goodluck Jonathan.

    Of course, the only reason Mark Steyn looks at any story is to find more fuel for his anti-Muslim paranoia. And of course an armchair warrior like him is pretty much the last person in the world who has any business complaining about this whole thing. No, the way we’re going to win this war isn’t with a bunch of puny hashtags. We need to bring in the heavy artillery. We need blogs.

  13. Rush is a vexatious spirit. One thing about Rush that’s always bothered me is his attempt to project himself as some sort of light, airy and nimble character who is just full of fun. When in reality he’s a weighty, burdensome ogre who pumps out a constant stream of misery and negativism.
    Ever listen to his musical theme background for his radio show? It is a an altered knockoff of the Peter Gunn theme ( mighty mouse music) and it is intended to subliminally mislead his listeners into thinking he has something of value to say. To put it simply…He’s an over paid and over prized big bag of shit.

  14. “When in reality he’s a weighty, burdensome ogre who pumps out a constant stream of misery and negativism”

    Swami, well said, he parades himself in whatever light suits him. He is happy to assume the mantle of conservative icon until he steps in the poop for spouting hate, then he is just an entertainer, just joking. The media plays along, just last night tweedy referred to him as a brilliant entertainer. When and if we recover from the regressive shit that he and his media partners spew they will go down in history as American heretics! Ever hear my song about old rushbo I recorded with me old punk rock band in the 90’s?

  15. I have a problem with him referring to himself as “Mr. Limbaugh” in the clip. Such unearned respect he should not be assuming. Is this part of his problem? Does he actually believe that the fact people working for him call him “Mister” means something more than they know what they are paid to do?
    I don’t really think so. After all, he also knows what his is paid to do. But he should be charged with misdemeanor misuse of the English language for that offense. His felony abuses of the English language far overshadow, but it still bugs me.

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