Compassion vs. Reince Priebus

There was a brief flurry of mild amusement on some leftie blogs yesterday, as Chuck Todd appeared briefly to make a point. On Meet the Press he asked GOP frontman Reince Priebus about why Republicans oppose regulations on business except when the business is an abortion clinic.

And Priebus actually said, “The fact of the matter is we believe that any woman that’s faced with unplanned pregnancy deserves compassion, respect, counseling.” Seriously, he said that. It’s on the video.

Todd pressed (!) the point, asking how it could be compassionate to expect women “drive for 2 or 300 miles,” and Priebus changed the subject to taxpayer funding of abortion, which is one of the current phony issues/shiny sparkly things being dangled in front of the base to keep it focused. At this point, Todd reverted to form and failed to point out that taxpayer dollars are not, in fact, being used to fund abortions. As I said, it was a brief flurry.

The larger point is that Republicans have a weird view of “compassion” that matches their weird view of women. And their weird view of human reproduction, for that matter.

Republican Family Life

There’s a bunch of new data showing that a dramatic reduction in unwanted pregnancy — and, thereby, abortion — can be achieved by providing teenage girls and women with free counseling  and the contraception of their choice, also free. This cuts teen abortion rates by 75 percent.

As near as I can tell claims that taxes are funding abortions are based on two things: One, the exchange subsidies will pay for policies that include abortion coverage. To which I say, Oh, please. … The other is that tax money goes to Planned Parenthood, an organization that no doubt prevents more abortions than all the so-called “right to life” culties put together. Seriously, as the Fetus People make family planning services more out of reach for low income women, they should pick up their “baby killer” signs and start picketing each other.

8 thoughts on “Compassion vs. Reince Priebus

  1. “And Priebus actually said, “The fact of the matter is we believe that any woman that’s faced with unplanned pregnancy deserves compassion, respect, counseling.” Seriously, he said that. It’s on the video.

    ROFLMAO – if, IF, it was funny!

    Conservatives have no compassion only for then and theirs.

    They have ZERO compassion for women, minorities, immigrants, and non-Christians – among others.
    Ditto, respect.

    As for counseling, if they believed in that, they only support Planned Parenthood.

    Rinses N. Repeatus, is a sociopathic lying sack of shite!!!

  2. I know I don’t need to tell you this, but reducing abortion is not the fetus people’s goal. Their goal is to make sure naughty girls get punished for being naughty. They see abortion, birth control and non-abstinence-oriented sex education as methods of evading punishment; pregnancy is the punishment.

    They’re not stupid. Everything they do and say makes perfect sense when you understand what they’re doing it for.

  3. The other thing the fetus people are doing is punishing ONLY women for having sex. It seems that men are allowed to have sex whenever and with whomever they please. Men get away with all kinds of sexual behavior with little punishment at all. It’s always the woman’s fault.

  4. Seems like Reince is saying that this election all comes down to seeing if the Repuglican obstructionist policy is going to pay off them?

    Gee, Chuck isn’t to assertive, is he? Really, he must not be to interested in his own question if he let’s Reince just blow him off so easily. Isn’t Chuck supposed to keep pressing the question until he gets a satisfactory answer to the point he was trying to make? Not that Reince was going to give him the answer he was looking for, but at least he could have put Reince through the paces to show if he can think on his feet rather than parrot the party line. What value does Meet the Press have if the moderator doesn’t intellectually engage and mix it up with their guests?

    Was Reince channeling Ronald Reagan?

  5. Chuck Todd grills Reince Priebus ?

    What?… If I was to “grill” Reince he’d be confessing to being a serial killer or anything I wanted to extract from him. The little beady eyed twerp would be crying for his mommy by the time I got through with him. Chuck didn’t grill him.. he fluffed him.

  6. I agree with Evan & Bonnie about the judgmental nature of the fetus people. It’s a peculiar pathology. If they have their way, poor people will have more children (unless you think poor people can be conditioned to give up sex) – and those kids will grow to voter age and most likely vote for democrats. The lure of moral superiority has a political price and they want to accelerate a demographic trend that’s eaten their majority already.

    Second odd feature of the pathology – they are willing to overlook mammoth transgressions (Mark Sanford throwing his wife under the bus quite publicly while governor – went on to Congress easily) male public figures are ‘forgiven’ by the fundamentalist Christian voter unless the sin involves an affair with another man. But there are some wild inconsistencies to obsession to declare moral superiority.

    I have to admit I haven’t figured them out and I’m not sure I want to.

  7. Doug,
    By the time those poor kids grow-up to be old enough to vote, if people in America can still vote, it will only be white people who own property who’ll be allowed to do so.
    Preferably, older males.
    And they will cast their wives votes.

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