Happy New Year

Best wishes to all of  you, and thanks to your response to my recent fundraiser I am in good shape for the immediate future. I’m anticipating a lot of new things coming up this year, but for now let’s all just stay healthy and snarky. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year to all the friends I haven’t yet met (yet) from Mahablog – It seems like I know some of you. And a special thank you to our hostess for tolerating me. Best wishes for the New Year.

  2. Here’s wishing all an auspicious healthy new year. May hate, war, disease and poverty subside and contentment reign. Not holding my breath, but it’s a sane aspiration. And thanks, Maha, for your blog. Mahasukha!

  3. C novim rokum, c novim shastya!

    Ukrainian for, “With the New Year, new joys!!!”

  4. C novim rokum, c novim shastya!

    Ukrainian for, “With the New Year, new joys!!!”

  5. Happy New Year to everyone. I’ve spent the week in the hospital, came home today. Had what the nurses called a big event which translated is heart attack. Came out of the blue, never thought it would happen to me but it did. Was told they almost lost me but guess the other side isn’t ready for me yet. Anyway, I’m feeling much better and on the mend. Had excellent care, even the para-medic who took me to the hospital came to see me a couple times. Now on to the New Year!

  6. Sorry to hear,grannyeagle. Hope that it’s just a passing event with no major consequences. Take care as best you can.

  7. @ grannyeagle: Nothing has touched me as much recently as your having said that the paramedic who brought you to the hospital came to visit you while you were there. I find that an amazing gesture.

    I hope you’re soon on the mend and that you’ll continue to contribute your wise, sassy, and snarky comments here at Maha’s discussion roundtable.

  8. I want to say a little more about the para-medic who’s also a fireman. Let’s just call him Fred. We have 2 hospitals here in our little burg. Originally I went to the larger one cause I had been there before. Because I was so confused and couldn’t work the phone right, couldn’t call 911 so called my daughter. She and her husband took me which did slow things down some. To make a long story short, once the doctor decided I was having a heart attack and needed further care which they didn’t provide, she was going to transfer me to a hospital 60 miles away. When the para-medics arrived, I heard Fred talk to the doctor and recommend the other hospital in town which had a very good cardiac cath lab and only 10 minutes away. She refused so when he came into the room, he simply said to meI had a choice, that all I had to do was say so and they would take me to the other hospital in town rather than make a hour’s drive. It made sense to me so I said yes, take me to General. I saw the doctor’s face on the way out and she looked very unhappy. I asked them to call my daughter and inform her of the change of plans. That never happened so they drove all the way over there only to find out I wasn’t there. In addition, the hospital was never notified and they had called in a cardiologist special.
    The next day, when the crisis was over, several of the nurses told me I would never have made the trip and lived. It was just delaying things too much. I also heard that Fred took some heat for what he did. He didn’t do anything wrong, he was just being a patient advocate and informing of my rights and in the process saved my life. So that makes him very special to me. He was my personal angel that night and I told him so. He said he was just doing his job. He could have left it there but he came to see me twice and I know that was not in his job. He cared.
    I am following doctor’s orders and gradually getting my strength back. The doctor said there was mild to moderate damage to me heart and that is conducive to a good recovery.
    When I get up and around and able to go out, I am paying a visit to the administrator of that first hospital and my daughter is going to bake Fred a big batch of cookies.
    Thank you everyone for your comments and I’m looking forward to being my old sassy self.

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