The Other Shoe Drops — Marriage Equality Wins!

In a long-sought victory for the gay rights movement, the Supreme Court ruled on Friday that the Constitution guarantees a nationwide right to same-sex marriage.

The 5-to-4 decision, the culmination of decades of litigation and activism, came against the backdrop of fast-moving changes in public opinion, with polls indicating that most Americans now approve of same-sex marriage.

As in earlier civil rights cases, the Supreme Court had moved cautiously and methodically, laying careful judicial groundwork for a transformative decision.

I was just writing about rightie heads exploding today over the Obamacare decision. It’s going to be fun today! I’ll get back to that other post later.

Update: I take it Kennedy wrote the majority opinion and Roberts wrote the dissent. I guess we pretty much know who voted how.

18 thoughts on “The Other Shoe Drops — Marriage Equality Wins!

  1. When I was in high school Spanish class in the mid-Jurassic, we had our very own Gore Vidal v. William F. Buckley debating duo. (Two guys, both very smart, friendly toward each other but political opposites who enjoyed arguing.) Whenever faux-Buckley was proven wrong in an argument, faux-Vidal would chuckle in faux-idiomatic Spanish: “Pues, pues, pues” (“Well, well, well”).

    OK, you had to be there. But on hearing today’s news I reacted just like faux-Vidal: arms folded, satisfied smile, gloating: “Pues, pues, pues.”

  2. Oh, this will be the bessessessest weekend in ages!

    First, the SC ok’s Obamacare.
    And now, gay marriage.

    We will hear nothing but the moans, wails, and shrieks of conservatives as they rage about the end of America and the birth of SocialiFasciCommuniMusliHeathonism – while at the same time, gnashing their teeth, and tearing at their hair and garments!

    As Rodney Dangerfield once said in “Caddyshack:”
    “Hey everybody, LET’S GET LAID!!!!!!”

    And now, it doesn’t matter with whom.
    Just no dogs!
    Leave them to Rick Santorum and other “Christian” conservative deviants!!!

    Hey Rick, once you get tired of ‘man on dog sex,’ why don’t you try man on porcupine sex?

  3. We need to get all the dimwittedteabaggers into California this weekend, all the tea-bagger tears could save the state from the drought!

  4. I wish Scalia would just retire out of frustration, but certainly I hope in vain. He enjoys being a bully too much to give up being a Supreme.

  5. “We need to get all the dimwittedteabaggers into California this weekend, all the tea-bagger tears could save the state from the drought!”

    It would need to be desalinated and — carefully sterilized, on the off chance Baggerism is the result of an unidentified pathogen.

  6. Bad week for the repulicant party, USA turns away from the confederacy, Obama-care upheld, fair housing laws upheld, Gay marriage legalized in all fifty states, Bristol Palin is unwed pregnant again and worst of all Sarah Palin has lost her job at FAUX, so sad!

  7. In retrospect, what the SCOTUS decisions did this week, could potentially take a load off of the GOP Presidential candidates.
    Now, instead of ‘Fuckasing” on Obamacare and “The Gayz,” they took two very divisive issues off of the table that will allow the eventual candidate to run without these two issues being like 2 balls and chains.

    But, knowing our GOP Presidential hopefuls, they’ll run around promising to repeal Obamacare, and making a Constitutional Amendment against gay marriage.

    After all, wtf else are they going to run on?
    Their foreign policy acumen – LOL!
    Their economic record – ROFLMAO!!!

    Yeah, they gotta dance with wad brung ’em to be “leaders” in their party.
    And that means plenty of dog-whistle racism, misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia, and “Christian” intolerance.

    It’s how they roll…

  8. Oh my goodness!! Bristol Palin is pregnant and unmarried. I thought she was giving speeches on abstinence. And poor Sarah Palin. She will have to go back to Wasila. And the rest of the good news, the flag is coming down, Obamacare is legal and so is gay marriage. Wish I had some champagne but guess I will have to settle for iced tea. It is gonna be in the triple digits here this W/E. But I don’t care, I have lots of books, plenty to eat and A/C. Just have to get Mr. Spock out to the park really early for his “dog stuff”.

  9. “Bad week for the repulicant party….” Not entirely. Now they can ship more jobs to China. Obama is a great president, but he is hopelessly naive on economics. Siding with the GOP instead of Labor and most Democrats– what was he THINKING?

  10. Dan,
    Clarence Thomas, the ultimate “Affirmative Action” hire – he was put on the SC to replace the GREAT Thurgood Marshall, who had pimples on his butt worthier of being a SC Justice than Thomas – consistently votes against the interests of people like him:
    Affirmative action hires, blacks, sexual deviants, etc…

    He’s also the ultimate “Judas Goat” who was put on the SC.
    He and his wife are two of the most worthless individuals in the world.
    But, they’re relatively wealthy and well off.
    Being a “Judas Goat” means you’re well taken care of.
    Great pay, benefits, and adulation – from other completely worthless psychopaths and sociopaths.

  11. “Siding with the GOP instead of Labor”

    I agree that most trade deals in the past have sucked. That being said we don’t know what is in this deal yet, it has not been finalized, so I’ll reserve judgement until we actually see the final product. The authority passed in the congress this week has been given to every president in recent history, so why should President Obama not have it? As far as being hopelessly naive on economics I suggest you study the primary economic indicators over his term as president.

  12. I enjoy the sound of popping right-wing heads as much as the next guy, but also remember the downside if this decision galvanizes them to turn out and vote in greater numbers in the next election. Roe vs. Wade has probably led to different outcomes in some elections where the religious right was mobilized due to anti-choice zeal and good political organization on the part of the those who want to pack SCOTUS with nine Justice Scalias. They are still gunning for Roe and may be organizing voters right now to get a right-thinking President to appoint such men to the Court. Abortion was gaining politically as of early 1973 and if Roe had not shocked the system it is possible that many women would have an easier time finding a doctor to do their abortions. The zeal of the zealots could be inflamed in ways that will allow the Koch brothers to exploit them in the great battles to keep the plutocracy at the top of the social pecking order.

    So let’s enjoy a chuckle at the fury of the righties but be aware of possible consequences later on.


    Clarence is beginning to think outside the box.. See what happens when you get away have your mind saturated with Long Dong Silver videos. You start to clear up. I kinda agree with him. There’s no reason why being put naked on an auction block and having anybody who had a mind to poke or probe or examine any crevice or orifice in your body they might consider necessary to assess your sailability/or worth should be viewed as a loss of dignity. To the contrary, it should be seen as an opportunity to learn the virtue of christ-like humility and to rid yourself of the sin of pridefulness.

  14. This was a good week in many ways. That the USSC was the source of much of the good news .. just makes it sweeter. This is celebrated as their court, but Kennedy AND Roberts confirmed Obamacare.

    I have been busy – I took Alena and Kathy to DC this trip. They wanted to see the scene of the crime. I could not give them the tour – I had an appointment with a judge. I’ve stayed at the home of Medea Benjaman, co-founder of Code Pink. WONDERFUL lady! My daughter (age 11) will be Medea’s youngest intern. LOL, Kathy went to her first protest – sign and chanting. (I saw the video – I don’t travel in DC except to court – they are a mite nervous.) It was a good trip for both of them.

    I want to go to trial. My attorney thinks that the prosecution should settle it out-of-court and reasonably since there was no injury or damage and none intended. It looks to me like there is pressure from ??? to extract serious jail time in a plea bargain. Make an example to discourage active demonstrations in the capitol. This isn’t completely paranoid,

    In the closing statement of the House Oversight Committee on the gyrocopter incident, the chairman, Chaffetz, said. (And not he’s clearly NOT talking about aerial incursions, but he sees civilian police conduct in a wartime context.)


    As I read that, he’s endorsing the use of lethal force against protesters in the DC region. Americans who come into what he sees as HIS turf, must follow his rules or die at the hands of a fully militarized defense force – as if they were enemy combatants. This image is a lot more scarey to me than the prospect of a trial. Nobody – and I mean NOBODY – in the media has examined the message in context – he mentioned guns – then the landmarks of the capitol – and ‘take you down’ in the context of guns. And the threat was never a military force – it was an unarmed dude in a gyro. If I go to jail others will follow on the ground and they won’t follow the rules. Will they be executed on the spot?

    The DC cops were totally professional. The fascist attitude of one blowhard swinging a gavel in Congress won’t prevail overnight. But it will prevail if it’s not resisted – and we don’t need a Kent State Massacre at the nations capitol, I hope, to bring on sanity.

  15. Dan:
    Scalia said in his opinion from the bench, “Ask the nearest hippie.” Come to think of it, I think that I saw an authentic 1967 model hippie a while back on the Antiques Road Show. Someone had picked him up at a garage sale and the guy doing the appraisals thought that he could fetch up to $10,000 to 12,000 at auction. He was saying things like he wanted to “score” a “lid of grass” and that working “wasn’t his bag” and that $10,000 was “a lot of bread.” Maybe Scalia can find out where he is and ask him himself.

  16. ” NOBODY – in the media has examined the message in context”

    Sad but not surprising, the media moguls are the real beneficiaries of all this unlimited campaign cash, your “little stunt” as some have called it puts that cash cow in jeopardy. Keep fighting Doug, best of luck.

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