He’s Out of Control

Yep, the Donald is out of control, ripping everyone who looks at him funny whether they are Republicans or Dems. And he has vaulted to the top of the latest GOP presidential poll. And such members of the rightie intelligentsia as Rush, Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter are cheering him on.

Here’s a news story explaining why Republicans shouldn’t worry about the Trump surge. Ooops, it’s dated July 2. Maybe they should worry.

The Donald is likely to flame out before formal debates begin, but if he doesn’t, we should be in for some fun. By the Republicans’ own rules they’d have to let him in the debates, and he’s likely to turn them into the best reality show ever.  Better than Bridezillas, even.

Some in media are questioning whether to take him seriously, or whether he’s just messing with our heads. Frankly, I think he takes himself seriously.  I think he absolutely believes he should be emperor of the world. And I think he absolutely ought to be on heavy medication. Otherwise, why would he be making such a fool of himself? What’s in it for him, really?

The GOP establishment must be frantic to find a way to muzzle him. Good luck with that, guys.

17 thoughts on “He’s Out of Control

  1. “The GOP establishment must be frantic to find a way to muzzle him”

    Not sure why, trumps past business failings along with his pro-choice, pro-comprehensive healthcare hell he once endorsed and contributed to Hillary, a couple of well produced commercials would bury him pretty fast. He’s gaining traction because the GOP has lost control of their own primary to the right-wing echo chamber. What do they say “If you lie down with pigs, you might wake up with bacon but most likely you’ll just be muddy and smell bad”?

  2. Please, please, please, Flying Spaghetti Monster, let him be in all the debates!

  3. Oh yes, please, let him last and be in the debates. I will have to reinstate my TV contract if that happens. And please don’t put him on any medication and spoil all the fun.

  4. As for what’s in it for the Donald, as my daughter would say: He’s an attention whore.
    What would he do if he actually got elected? I read somewhere he stays in business by manipulating things so that he can go into bankruptcy when he gets in trouble and come out ahead. I’m not sure how that works but he has been doing that for a long time. Probably if something went awry in the universe and he got elected, he would suddenly come down with a grave terminal illness and have to resign. Then, he would miraculously recover and run again. What fun!

  5. After Reagan and W, one should never underestimate the wackiness of Republican politics. Remember, this was the party that nominated Palin for Veep. So a Trump candidacy is not entirely out of the question, nor (Heaven forbid!) a Trump presidency, if he can buy enough Supreme Court justices.

    Hey, as long as I’m dreaming/nightmaring, then visualize this: a Sanders vs. Trump campaign!

  6. Trump was born rich, had his job handed to him, in one of biggest real estate markets ever, and still managed to go bankrupt several times. Yet he hasn’t suffered any real problems as a result. Why wouldn’t he have a feeling of invulnerablility about himself, to the point of being delusional?

  7. great comment at the LAT:

    Work Longer Hours – Vote Jeb 2016

    Somebody’s Doing The Raping – Vote Trump 2016

    These are Darkest 24 hrs – Vote Cruz 2016

    Confederate Flag is a Symbol of My Heritage – Vote Jindal 2016

    Ultrasounds are a Cool Thing for Women – Vote Scooter Walker 2016

    Sit Down and Shut Up – Vote Christie 2016

    You can Follow Me on Tweeter – Vote Perry 2016

    Amend the Constitution to God’s Standards – Vote Huckabee 2016

    Misinformation can be Very Important – Vote Rand Paul 2016

    And Trump is the GOP’s biggest worry?

  8. Go Donald! I love that New Yawker attitude. You do us proud.

    Rience Priebus tried to give the Donald a talking to…to kinda tone it down..and the Donald told Priebus to stick it in his ass. The gloves are off, and Donald is going to campaign by the Marquess of Queensbury rules.
    The beauty of Trump’s rabid strategy is that the rest of the GOP candidates can’t engage him without exposing their own true colors or putting a human face on immigrants. He’s like the tar baby where if they attack him they’ll end up stuck fighting against their own beliefs and best political interests. All they can do when it comes to dealing with the Donald is to keep their distance and very gingerly disagree with his delivery , but not his message. Flee from him…and hope he doesn’t compliment them with agreement on any issue.
    He’s already tainted Rick Perry…now they are ideological buds.

  9. Between Trump and the Slave Flag mess, the Republicans are in trouble, but they brought it on themselves by feeding racism (coded or otherwise) and they can’t put that monster back in the box again. It reminds me of this old Robert Creeley poem:

    OH, NO

    If you wander far enough
    you will come to it
    and when you get there
    they will give you a place to sit

    for yourself only, in a nice chair,
    and all your friends will be there
    with smiles on their faces
    and they will likewise all have places.

  10. Just a short trip down memory lane:

    One of our circle of friends at college was a crusty, edgy Vietnam Veteran. He’d worn out his welcome everywhere else and came to sleep on our couch for a year or so. He’d been a journalist before his experience made him a little too unpredictable for the job market.

    One evening he was talking about artillery. Some artillery men had taken him in an let him fire some of the big guns. “You can’t imagine how much fun it is. You can’t imagine the power. Some of those guys would blow up their own mother’s house, just for the rush.”

    Maybe the analogy is a little askew, but that’s where so many in the Republican Party are. They sense that a raw unfettered power is balanced on the knife edge of politics and if they don’t seize it, they’ll fall into the ash bin of history. They love the thrill and they’re seeking more. They’ll say anything, do anything that will get them a bit closer, no matter how ridiculous or destructive. They’re all out of control. Trump is just a little less concerned with hiding it.

  11. Dumb-‘n-OLD Chump = THE GOP’S INNER ID GONE WILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You go, Chump!

    Anyone tells you go quit, tell ’em, “YOU’RE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  12. I am actually calling and writing Trump asking that he continue, telling him that he represents the “core” of the American Patriot. I even sent him $5, as, I too, appreciate a good free for all.

  13. Bardi…That’s the ticket..Telling Donald that he’s a breath of fresh air in telling it like it is.The over inflated ego has no natural defense against false praise and flattery.

    I watched the exchange between Anderson Cooper and the Donald. And I’ve got to say that right or wrong and with issues aside, that the Donald beat down Cooper on a pheromonal level. It wasn’t and exchange where reason or intellect was opposing reason and intellect. It was more a case of Anderson being overpowered by sheer force of Trumps personality. Totally unyielding, and Anderson Cooper couldn’t penetrate it. And that’s the force that any candidate is going to have to contend with if they come up against the Donald.
    It’s one thing to mix it up with the Donald when the issue has a specific answer, like the birther issue, but when it comes to issues where biases and emotions rule the argument, then the Donald is going to be a force to be reckoned with… much to the delight of the liberal audience.

  14. A general election between Bernie and Trump……………..The Super Bowl and World Cup of Bad Hair all rolled into one.

  15. Now that Keith Olbermann is off the ESPN payroll, I would like to see him interview Trump. A crabby egomanic who is smart and right would destroy the crabby egomanic dumbass Trump.

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