The Smarter Brother Actually Said This

Jeb Bush:

“My aspiration for the country and I believe we can achieve it, is 4 percent growth as far as the eye can see. Which means we have to be a lot more productive, workforce participation has to rise from its all-time modern lows. It means that people need to work longer hours and, through their productivity, gain more income for their families. That’s the only way we’re going to get out of this rut that we’re in.”

Even better than Mittens’s “47 percent” remark, I’d say. This was from a live-streamed interview. Which means there’s video.

Jeb is toast.

See also “Overworked America: 12 Charts That Will Make Your Blood Boil.”

Update: Scott Walker and Republicans in the Wisconsin state legislature just eliminated workers’ rights to weekends off.

27 thoughts on “The Smarter Brother Actually Said This

  1. Walker won’t benefit—his record on Labor is worse than abysmal. Christie, maybe, he can claim to represent a semi-rational state…. unless someone asks him about his refusal to build the proposed new tunnel to NYC….

  2. JEB!:
    If you sleep, we lose.
    So, you lil’ peep’s out there, you need to work 26 hours a day at all of the jobs you have.
    That’s the only way out of this rut we’re in!

    What, Jeeve’s?
    Cocktail hour, already?
    I’ll have an Old Fashion – that Mum’s favorite drink, and I need to get in her good graces.
    She always loved George W. more than me…

  3. Why is it that every time I Governor Scott Wanker (sic), I think of Hannah Arendt’s description of Adolf Eichmann:
    ‘The banality of evil…’

    He’s got all of Nixon’s issues, and none of his brains.
    He’s the Koch Brother’s puppet – just like McCory in NC, where billionaire Art Pope has his hand up the Governor’s ass.
    Actually, upon further reflection, I kind of feel sorry for Wanker:
    He’s got two hands up his ass!

  4. If Jeb is the smarter brother, then Dubya is a lot dumber than I thought. What about the rest of the family? Was the Dad that bad? I can’t remember. Barbara seemed pretty reasonable to me but of course she defended all the rest.

  5. JubJub is backpedaling now with the old Bush Family Standby: “My werds wuz takin out of contex.” Sadly no, his words were not misquoted or misunderstood. Just like Daddy Bush flummoxed by a supermarket scanner or dissing the survivors of Hurricane Hugo, JubJub reveals he has absolutely no idea how we ordinary Americans live.

    As for Scott Walker and the recent flood of top-secret-supervillain legislation, I don’t know where to begin. The guy needs his own mountaintop lair. A death ray would be superfluous.

  6. “That’s the only way we’re going to get out of this rut that we’re in.”

    On the face it sounds like: “you working class losers need to work more so I can piss away more money on needless wars and tax cuts for my corporate overlords”. In reality what he is saying is: “all the blacks and browns are going to have to get off welfare”. It’s just more carefully coded GOP nonsense, they keep doing it because it works (for the primary anyway).

  7. Barbara seemed pretty reasonable to me but of course she defended all the rest.

    Post-Katrina, in the Houston AstroDome, Bar said of the New Orleans refugees: “These people were disadvantaged before, so this is a good thing for them.” During the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Bar was asked about her eldest’s warmaking while on a book tour (iirc): “I don’t want to trouble my beautiful mind about war.” (Quotes paraphrased.) I think Barbara is the worst of the lot.

  8. grannyeagle,
    All you need to know about Barbara, is that W was her favorite son.
    Like mother…

    Bush Sr. favored JEB!

    Where Neil fits into this picture, I have no clue.
    If you can make W seem consequential, then you must really be poop!

  9. If this clown is talking working more hours for the same pay, then he is a moron. No one besides the owners are going to go for that.

    If not, this could be good for some workers. A lot of these businesses, particularly retail, refuse to give workers more than 35 hours a week so that they can be classified as “part time” to avoid providing benefits.

    If this proposal comes with:

    (a) Time and a half for hours worked over 40
    (b) A guaranteed consistent number of hours per week

    Productivity is already up, and mostly because of the low compensation and other factors that are a net negative for workers. The other thing is, the tone of this assumes that the economy is not doing any better than it is because workers are not willing to “work hard” and give more, which is BS.

    Bottom line, business has to cut back on the greed and partner with labor to improve things. They can’t have it both ways and then try to do so with these dumb and insulting cons like Jeb is offering up here

  10. In light of what CSM wrote.

    I found the little section on digital overtime interesting. It’s part of the speedup that American workers have experienced over the past few decades Remember the golden age before electronic pagers? When you were off work, you were blissfully out of reach. That’s hard to imagine these days.

    I’m retired so I don’t have a stake here, but, I genuinely like the idea of a 30 hour work week and a lower retirement age. The shorter week would provide more slots for more workers and the lower retirement age would give young people entering the job market a better chance at finding something meaningful and adding their fresh ideas, energy and enthusiasm to the workforce.

    Here’s one article about the French. This is just the first one that popped up in the search, but, I have seen a few. Evidently, more time off means higher productivity. Who’d a thunk it?

  11. goatherd.
    About 10 or so years ago, Time-Warner gave me, as a Trainer, a Blackberry.

    I looked at it, and told them a monkey would have a better chance of solving a Rubix-Cube before I figured out how to use that thing!

    I didn’t want to.
    There was no need to. I had a PC, and a company laptop. Why did I need to be in communicado 24 X 7 X 365/

    Wtf does a trainer, or training manager need with one of those things?

    What, the CSR can’t read a customer’s bill at 2am?
    Well, that CSR passed the billing part of training and our tests, so, it’s a supervisory issue, not a training issues!

    One time, my boss called me, angry, because I didn’t respond to her 2am e-mail on the Blackberry.
    I told her, I WAS ASEEP at that hour, like most normal people.

    I remember when I got my first beeper, when I was running a small company back in mid-80’s.
    The women loved it!
    I was important enough to have one!

    Then, I found out I was too important, and the when I was trying to seduce a young lady, that damned this would ring, and, “Bye-bye” romance!

    Modern technology is great – except when it ain’t…

  12. Joan: Thanx for the info on Barbara. Guess I wasn’t paying attention back then. Anyway, I’m not fond of any of them bushes. I prefer trees especially big oaks. They are awesome. Also the sequoias and redwoods.

  13. Mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow… bushes just give me a rash! The whole darned clan of ’em.

  14. I remember my first beeper too, that was the hook, it made me feel important, that wore off pretty soon. The main advantage of having one was that when my neighbors got to bending my ear too long about the latest outrage, I could set off the pager and pretend that I had an urgent crisis at work. Other than that is was a pain.

    Okay, maybe it’s time for a little entertainment:–0_33aeesx6ak8u


    Why not mandate OT for ALL worker’s – with NO OT pay

  16. From the earliest days of this country, conservatives have measured wealth by the number of people they could exploit. Slavery was based on this concept – your potential wealth was linked to the productivity of slaves. Bush has the mentality that workers are supposed to be exploited – that their efforts are the economic mechanism that lifts the upper crust, the elite, the job creators, the tenth of one percent. He didn’t misspeak – he accidentally told the truth. In his mind, survival wages for long hours is a just price the peasants should feel grateful for since the aristocrats deserve their affluence.

  17. Jesse Ventura: He’s so logical and yes, very entertaining. He says it like it is. Why can’t we have someone like him for president? Oh that’s right, he’s too honest.
    What happened to his ponytail? Or was it just hidden in the video?

  18. Grannyeagle, time and tide visit all men (generic, non gender indicative). Probably his ponytail has gone the way of mine.

    I do find Jesse entertaining. Many years ago, when we still had a TV hookup, I was wasting some time in front of the tube. A god-awful movie came on. It began with Jesse Venture and Arnold Schwarzenegger cruising some badlands in a jeep talking tough guy adventure movie trash. That was about as far as I got with the film. But, it did seem curious that both of them went on to be state governors. Some things “cause those with the good of the nation at heart, to despair,” as Bertie Wooster’s aunt remarked.

    That being said, once in a while he gets something right. My favorite was about torture. He said, “Give me a waterboard, half and hour and Dick Cheney and I’ll have him confessing to the Sharon Tate murders.” Pithy, terse and to the point.

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