Clinton! Email! Scandal!

We have reached the point at which the Operatives are putting the name “Clinton” and the words “email” into any headline they can, because. Jonathan Karl of ABC News solemnly tells us that, some time while HRC was secretary of state, Bill Clinton received requests to speak from the Republic of Congo and North Korea. And Bill’s people ran this by the State Department, and the State Department said no. And that was that.

This is apparently supposed to be a scandal. To which I say, wtf?

Help me out here. Is there something I’m not seeing?

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  1. If I’m reading this right, the second invite was “related to North Korea” (whatever that means). And the Congo invite was linked to Forbes magazine. Why do Clinton-haters hate capitalism?

  2. “Help me out here. Is there something I’m not seeing?”

    No, you’re ok, maha.

    It’s just that you’re not part of the DC MSM Village, where, after your full-frontal lobotomy, in the Green Room, you’ll always find a fine full bottle of in front of you!

    But don’t you dare take a nip of Peggy Noonan’s stash!
    If whatever it is she drinks doesn’t kill you, if she sees you, she’ll make you wish you were attacked by a rabid honey-badger and a billion angry bee’s!!!

  3. Nope, you’re not missing anything. This is just another case of the MSM turning someting into a nebulous “scandal” simply by asserting it and providing ample space to anyone peddling the stuff to them.

    I was thrilled to note yet another front page NYT story this morning telling me:

    “Interviews with more than 75 Democratic governors, lawmakers, candidates and party members have laid bare a widespread bewilderment that Mrs. Clinton has allowed a cloud to settle over her candidacy — by using a private email server in the first place, since it was likely to raise questions about her judgment, and by not defusing those questions once and for all when the issue first emerged in March.”

    …though how she was supposed to “defuse” those questions is an exercise left to the reader apparently. Treating it like essentially a nothingburger and just an offshoot from the Benghazi(!) partisan witch-hunt seems to be a fairly reaonsable strategy given that it’s effectively impossible to “defuse” a right-wing driven pseudo-scandal by actually addressing the content of it.

    See Whitewater and Benghazi(!) for prime examples of this particular phenomena (sigh),

  4. I’ve been living a sheltered life in the country for a long time, but, I saw an HRC scandal cheat sheet the other day. Does the name “Vincent Foster” mean anything to you?

    Sometimes it seems that they must be really desperate. But, then I remember that they can play their base like a fiddle.

  5. Is there something I’m not seeing?
    Yeah, you’re not seeing Trey ‘Pinhead” Gowdy working diligently day and night for years on end trying to unweave the diabolical cover up that Secretary Clinton so carefully constructed to hide her dereliction of duty in protecting American lives in Benghazi. Once all of her cover up efforts are exposed to the light of truth via her emails the extent of her evil doing and the purpose of the pursuit will become apparent.. The truth doesn’t always shine forth for all to see, but thankfully for the efforts of a very few hardworking and committed American patriots we will get to see the truth on how un-American Hillary Clinton really is.

  6. If Bill and Hillary put their foundation to work eradicating a disease from the entire world (as Jimmy Carter did) and succeeded (as Jimmy Carter did) the winger headlines would just talk about all the diseases they didn’t get to. It’d be as if Ben Carson had saved my child’s life with a brilliant brain operation and I spent the rest of my days complaining that he’d done nothing to stop the kid’s psoriasis.

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