We’d Need a Really Big Woodshed

Oh,  this is funny. Now Scott Walker is saying President Obama is supposed to “take China to the woodshed.”

SCOTT WALKER: [Yesterday], the White House Press Secretary was asked about my comments asking the president to cancel the state visit from Xi Jinping, the leader of China. He didn’t comment, said he wasn’t going to comment. This suggests to me he is intimidated. I’m not intimidated to talk about China…

The bottom line is a state visit is something special and extraordinary, a reward the U.S. provides to alies, friends, and partners of the U.S.

If anything, we need to take China to the woodshed.

There were news stories last year saying that China had taken over the title of “world’s largest economy” from the U.S. This was according to the World Monetary Fund. I take it China is back to being #2 now.

China has the world’s largest standing army. “The size of the Chinese army is staggering, with 2,285,000 active frontline personnel with an additional 2,300,000 in the reserves.” Plus China has nukes, and multiple nuclear warhead missiles.

You don’t take China to the woodshed, Scott.

Also, this right-wing idea that merely talking to an American president is some kind of reward for good behavior is just plain weird. Likewise, the idea that not talking to some head of state is punishment. Weird, weird, weird.

10 thoughts on “We’d Need a Really Big Woodshed

  1. Maybe someone should inform Scotty that his republican colleagues in the house and senate are blocking legislation proposed by President Obama to eliminate tax breaks for corporations that offshore American jobs to countries like China?

  2. a state visit is something special and extraordinary

    Ooohhh, Scotty, world leaders everywhere are a-quiver, anticipating the tender hugfest and hair-braiding parties they’ll experience when you become president! Your besties Bibi, Angela, Stevie Harper, Davey Cameron, they can hardly wait…

    Tearful readings from the works of Ayn Rand!

    Sing-alongs to Sgt. Barry Sadler’s “The Green Berets”!

    Binge-watching “The Equalizer” and “24”!

    Playing piñata with effigies of various labor leaders and brown folks! Oh, what fun!

    OK, I just barfed a little bit.

  3. Gov. Snottie Wanker keeps openly displaying that he isn’t ready for Prime Time!
    Hell, I wonder if he’s ready for Kindergarten nap-time!

    What a stupid, ignorant, and jejune douche-canoe!

  4. Remember that Walker is not bound by anything he says unless it is in private to one of his billionaire owners. So far in Wisconsin NO MATTER WHAT HE SAYS HE DOES SOMETHING MUCH WORSE and often the opposite.

    Walker likes terms like drop the bomb, divide and conquer and as long as his audience is carefully screened in a private location with massive security he is a real bold tough guy. No one is more corrupt – check out his itemized price list to buy his sorry ass with a ‘contribution’ to an ‘uncoordinated’ super pac. If the super pac was really not coordinating with Wanker – HOW WOULD HE KNOW WHO TO BLOW?

  5. When one looks at the intended audience, it becomes perfectly clear why Republican messaging is written for a 3rd grade comprehension level.

  6. I’ve a pet theory that all conservatives stop developing emotionally sometime in their tween (very early teens at the latest). Therefore, they always conceptualize all relationships (including international) in terms of the cliques and playground fights that formed their personalities; so America engaging in diplomacy is just like the cool kidz talking to nerds; and every conflict has to be treated as life-or-death to avoid losing face and prestige.

  7. It’s straight out of the playbook for a narcissist. Look up Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

    Basically, I’m so special and I’m doing you a favor by speaking to you. I’m punishing you by not speaking to you.

  8. Not to mention that by looking at the video of Scott in the link above and reading the body language it’s clear that he’s got oscillating head syndrome. It reminds me of early attempts at animated human robotics. Sorta like the show in the General Electric pavilion in the 64 World’s Fair that now has found a new home in Disneyland.
    Well, he misses the mark as far as I’m concerned…he comes off more like an android than a real human being.

  9. Walker and T-Rump seem to love China bashing. If China cut off exports to the USA for one month, things would get pretty ugly quickly. The US has sacrificed labor and exported pollution to China in exchange for cheap goods, now that’s China’s fault ? In what universe does that make sense ?

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