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  1. I’m betting she won’t do anything but make speeches. The judge released her after he got his way. The licenses can be issued by subordinates. If Kimie stays in her office and doesn’t interfere, she can play the media til they get bored. If she issues orders which reverse the judge on licenses – he will lock her up.

    But i’m betting she’ll decide that her martyrdom is established and jail is no fun.

  2. Unless Kim has an ace up her sleeve I don’t see anyway she can advance her objective. From what I can gather she seems pretty much checkmated.
    The Bible is a funny thing when it comes to interpretation. Take Psalm 1:1 for instance.
    Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.*
    Isn’t God saying that by preventing same sex marriages Kim is standing in the way of sinners? So naturally she’s going to lose God’s blessing. And as far as her walking in the counsel of the ungodly..I think having a lawyer who is more willing to toss her to the wolves to build his own reputation as a champion of Christianity kinda brings into question his devotion to God. It looks to me like he’s bucking to be esteemed in Christian circles as the new Jay Sekulow.
    * I struck that segment out just to avoid any appearances of hypocrisy. 🙂

  3. It would be nice to see Kim continue on with her martyrdom if only for the entertainment value. Just getting a taste of the jail thing where you get strip searched and slapped in a cell with an open air toilet can be a pretty dehumanizing experience if modesty is among your virtues. When you’ve lost your freedom you devote a little more time trying to understand the circumstances that brought that situation about, and the abstract power of principles you enjoy in freedom isn’t as potent when you’re sitting in a steel and cement block cage.
    The judge released Kim without forcing her to formally renounce her position by the promise to comply, if she decides to push the issue further she’ll be throwing away a face saving gesture. If she continues on in her defiance she’ll be putting the judge in a position where he has to defend the power of the court and he won’t release her a second time without her saying she will fully comply with the court’s order.
    I remember the story of a women doctor who was found in contempt for not divulging the whereabouts of her daughter in a child custody suit because she claimed her ex husband was sexually abusing the child. During her period of incarceration she was subjected to repeated cavity searches solely as a means to break her will. I’m sure Kim got the kid glove treatment for her short stint…But it can get ugly for her if she decides to go the second round.

  4. Well, as long as Uncledad started it:


    Swami, I have to say, your commentary has always had merit, but, over the past few months I have really appreciated your insights.

    Your last comment brought to mind some of the details of how Susan McDougal was treated in prison for the crime of being associated with the Clintons.

  5. I’ve been distracted by the real world for a while, that is, those parts of the real world that are close at hand.

    There are some civil suits that are aimed at Kim Davis. This seems the best way forward. She clearly violated peoples’ civil rights, and she did so purposefully. Her actions were her own and not the result of county or state policy, so she is culpable, and not the county. Am I missing something?

    I think Swami brought up an interesting angle. Her law firm is basically holding her coat and pushing her into a bar fight.

    As for the “Oath Keepers” (boy that’s ironic.) if they interfere in the path of justice, they need to be shown clearly, that obstruction of justice will not be tolerated.

    Sadly, I expect a “slappin’s gonna happen” attitude would only egg them on. But, as Barney Fife used to advise, “nip it in the bud.”

  6. Ah, it was a nice quiet summer, until, that is, the sociopathic/psychopathic preening and posturing GOP bungholes came back to DC.

    You job, if you need reminding, is to make government work better for “We the People,” and not throw hissy fits while trying to keep your base happy and impressed with what a he-man-woman-hating warrior you are!!!

  7. Yay! It’s Monday morning in Rowan County, Kentucky:


    Be sure to scroll through the photos in that link. “Having way too much fun” is right. Kim obviously loves the martyrdom that jail time provides. I agree with goatherd that a better answer is civil suits by the folks whose rights she has violated. She (and Rowan County) could be on the hook then financially. So long, house. So long, car. So long, polyester wardrobe. It’d be shack, mule and gunny sacks from then on.

  8. Swami and Doug are right. Kim Davis went back to work and said she will not interfere with deputy clerks issuing the licenses. However, her attorney says they are not valid. So, what does she do now? I’m sure jail is not fun but to fade into the background does not appeal to a wannabe martyr.

  9. It’d be shack, mule and gunny sacks from then on. 🙂

    Guessing from the way her husband was dressed for her coming out of jail ceremony I’d suspect that the shack and mule are already in place.

  10. Looks like she’s going to make a dash for the safety of when the state legislature reconvenes to rescue her. I suppose her lawyer thinks she has better odds if the issue is dealt with in house. Maybe so, but she’s taking a big gamble by setting up a battle within Kentucky to play out in her favor.
    I remember Jeb Bush with his Terry’s law in Florida. He might have been noble in his compassion to help Terry’s parents and honorable in expressing his Christian beliefs,but when it came to the idea of writing a law to benefit just one individual it alienated a lot of people because it’s not how a democracy functions. I don’t think the people of Kentucky are going to be pleased to amend or tailor a law just to accommodate Kim’s struggle with her conscience..
    I noticed that in her statement this morning she said something to the effect that she wanted to make clear to the whole world what her position was. It seems to me that if she claims her actions are an act of conscience then why is it important that the world should know? To me that speaks to the sincerity of her beliefs.

  11. I would bet you that the Correctional Officer who had to do her strip search took a whole lot of pitiful shit about how demeaning it was. Don’t want too be strip searched? Stay out of jail, stupid! I would also bet the CO has heard that one many and many a time, and just said “yes, ma’am” in a bored tone. Been there, done that with middle class women busted for DWI….

  12. Also, I strongly doubt that the Syrian refugees struggling just to stay alive really care that much about her — what has she ever done for them? Or for anyone besides herself?

  13. Ms. 4-times was on the TeeVee again this morning, crying weeping saying just wants to serve her community quietly? She has a funny way of keeping things quiet? Anyway she says she won’t interfere with the licensing though she says the licenses are not valid without her signature which she won’t sign so……..?

  14. I truly do not understand all this crap re:Planned Parenthood. All I can see is a continuation of the OMG’s party War On Women. Have they not noticed how many of us there are? And that we tend to vote? Their continuing stupidity astounds me!!

  15. “Kim Davis went back to work and said she will not interfere with deputy clerks issuing the licenses. However, her attorney says they are not valid.”

    Her attorney really doesn’t sound very bright. If she and the attorney truly believe the licenses are void, her wilfull criminal activity sounds increasingly unrepentant. That will not sit well in any future legal proceedings.

  16. goatherd …Thanks for the encouragement. It’s nice to know that I’m not entirely in my own little universe. Bubbleville?

  17. goatherd …Thanks for the encouragement. It’s nice to know that I’m not entirely in my own little universe. Bubbleville?

  18. Wow, sorry about the double post. It’s a glitch in my browser. I’m not trying to magnify my presence like a cheap politician….Really!

  19. Off Topic – If Money in Politics is an issue that concerns you, getting a dark horse candidate named Lawrence Lessig in the debates is crucial. Bernie can’t burn his bridges (pun intended) with a scorched earth campaign to get the money out. Lessig is a single-issue candidate who has promised to resign when reform is passed. Implicit in the promise (as I see it) is that Lessig will be a pain in the a$$ to democrats AND republicans because he’s not planning to stay in DC. He can and will make enemies everywhere. Watch this and consider – if he polls at 1% he’s in.


  20. Part of the problem is that Ms. Davis inherited her job from her mother, so maybe she thinks she owns it. Hereditary rulership is not, technically, the American way; however that is not a critique that either Jeb or Hillary can plausibly make.

  21. “Part of the problem is that Ms. Davis inherited her job from her mother, so maybe she thinks she owns it. Hereditary rulership is not, technically, the American way….”

    This is Kentucky. You can probably marry your 1st cousin, so why not pass down the clerkship or the key to the moonshine shack from generation to generation?

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