It’s Terrorism, People

Do read this article about security at Planned Parenthood:

The advanced camera system was just one of the increasingly elaborate security measures that abortion clinics around the country have adopted. According to discussions heard on police scanners on Friday, when the attack occurred, at least one woman retreated to a protected “safe room.” The clinic also had a supply of bulletproof vests.

8 thoughts on “It’s Terrorism, People

  1. “Safe rooms.”

    I wonder if most other charities have any need for ‘safe rooms?’

    Well, of course not – at least not until “Black Lives Matter,” or some other advocacy group for immigrants and/or minorities become charities, and get into the cross-hairs of our “Christian” conservatives, and their political lackey’s.

    And just listen to the deafening silence from the GOP’s Presidential candidates!
    This is the first thing that’s shut them the feck up in ages!
    They’re quiet until the figure out how to blame this on Obama, the Dem’s, and us Libturds.

    And then, their Luntz-filled lungs and trained tongues will bellow carefully approved talking points:
    Something along the lines of, “I hope Obama, Clinton, and the rest of the Democrat Party doesn’t politicize this horrible incident, to clamor for more gun control… blah, blah, blah…”
    Or, “It’s too soon to…. yadda, yadda, yadda…”

    Tune in next time.
    Same batshit time.
    Same batshit channel(s).

  2. It is time that we start keeping records on [pseudo]christians in this country, and legislation needs to be passed restricting the immigration of christians into our sovereign nation. Because christian churches are used so often for destructive political meetings, they should be monitored and agents should be used to infiltrate and spy on the members.

    I sure hope the rightwingnuts don’t go out of their way to use this incident for political purposes (like universal gun ownership)!

  3. Dan,
    Yes, we must do something about the spread of this new American faux-“Christianity.

    They practice intolerance and greed, teaching them through their “Madd-asses” private schools, spreading their “We-have-it” philosophy.

    We must stop their “No-SHARE-me-ia” Laws, which continue their religious traditions of low or no taxes on the rich, and doing whatever they can to hurt the poor and make them still poorer – and bring the middle classes down to their levels.

    Say no to the faux-“Christian” “No-SHARE-me-ia” Laws!!!

  4. cund: Battered women’s shelters _are_ “safe rooms”. Cameras, locked doors, guards; and for the same reason, namely crazy men. The difference is that battered women’s shelters face private terrorism, and Planned Parenthood faces public terrorism. But it’s a continuum.

  5. paradoctor,
    Thanks for that info.
    And just like the NRA’s butt-boys, the GOP, don’t want to support legislation which would stop abusive men (with restraint orders) from arming themselves with guns, they won’t do anything about allowing people like this PP shooter in Colorado – with, what sound like serious anti-social and mental issues – to be barred from getting a gun.

    Again, a continuum…

  6. Hey, let’s not politicize this shooting; after all, authorities and major media both tell us it’s too early to ascribe motive to this lone wolf. A lone wolf the NYT described as “gentle”.

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