Stuck on Stupid on Steroids

The wingnuts are gloating because they think the Planned Parenthood shooter is a trans woman. Seriously.

Um, guys, did you look at his photo?

This came about because the Dumbest Man on the Internet® found Robert Dear’s voter registration and saw that the “female” box had been checked instead of “male.” This couldn’t possibly have been a careless mistake, of course. Or else he’s the biggest trans fail ever.

A herd of rightie bloggers are celebrating their giant gotcha. Ted Cruz called Dear a “transgendered leftist activist.”

That’s not all. You’ll love what Carly Fiorina, who has irresponsibly hyped such over-the-top lies that even the people creating the hoax “baby parts” videos couldn’t back her up, said today:

On the charge that anti-abortion rhetoric contributed to the shooting, Fiorina said, “This is so typical of the left to immediately begin demonizing a messenger because they don’t agree with the message.”

these people have no shame.

21 thoughts on “Stuck on Stupid on Steroids

  1. A trans woman?
    A trans woman!


    Just when you think their “Teh STOOOOOOOOOOOOOPID” dial can’t possibly go beyond “10,” our Reich-Wingers deafen your ears, blind your eyes, and… and… and as for your mind?
    BLOWN !!!!
    From “10,” to…
    I was going to say, “infinity,” but I don’t want to sell them short in the future!

    But, how the feck do you top this?
    A trans woman?

    Don’t worry.
    Hoff and company make infinity seem limited. They’ll find a way to top this, and I’ll bet it won’t take long.

    A trans woman.
    Somewhere, in another Universe, all of the sentient beings are wondering where all of their non-sentient idiots and imbeciles have gone to?
    To our Universe.
    In our galaxy.
    In our planetary system.
    On our Earth.
    In our country – the USA.

    One of our space missions must have torn a hole between Universes, and, like shit out of a ruptured colostomy bag, Hoff & Company of Countless Other Feckin’ Eedjit’s, came spilling out.

    It’s amazing.
    To look at them, you might think they’re human.
    But when they open the it mouths, or put words on paper or into the ‘inter-tubes,’ you know that not only are they not of this Earth, they’re from another Universe!

    Somewhere, a whole Universe of villages, are missing their idiot’s!

    A trans woman.

  2. On the other hand – perhaps that will turn out to be a poor choice of words, based on what I’m about to say – if you haven’t left your parents basement since W slunk out of office – and have been bashing Obama as gay, and his wife as a guy – this Dear person might jess be the purtjest girl ya ever seen!

  3. ““This is so typical of the left to immediately begin demonizing a messenger because they don’t agree with the message.”

    Slander and inciting violence are crimes. Or at least they used to be…..

  4. This sounds like the sort of stupidity that the far-wrong-far-right will quietly let drop, rather than double down on. That guy’s beard says “guy”. Maybe he checked the wrong box on some form, but that’s important only to bureaucrats and the literate; neither of which are in the far-wrong-far-right’s core demographic.

  5. Oh, Cruz is so so clever! He can work magic with words. The only thing about his brilliant analysis of the PP shooter that I can’t figure out is how a transgendered leftist mental case who registered to vote as a independent female came to the idea of shooting up a PP clinic.
    I can understand why even the repugs can stand Cruz…who wants to be around someone who reeks of intellectual narcissism. He thinks he’s getting over but he’s only revealing what a hollowed out and vile creature he is.
    Maybe I should do a little introspection..because just listening to Cruz really riles me up. Both Cruz and Huckabee get to me in a way that the other clowns don’t. I think it’s the form in which they mask their deceits. It’s probably my hanging on to expectations of what and how I believe a person who holds themselves out as a Christian should conduct themselves. So I guess the fault lies with me because to say you are a Christian really means shit according to their example.

  6. I think I finally got it!

    Dear’s a woman transitioning into being a werewolf – hence, a trans woman (werewolf)!

    Btw – There castle.
    Why are we talking…
    Oh, never mind.

  7. Swami: Sometimes people identify as Christians because it is acceptable and perceived as the ultimate moral choice. When I worked as a nurse and did an intake interview, we always had to ask about people’s religion. A lot of people would say: I don’t go to church but I am a Christian. I took that to mean they didn’t really know what it meant to be a Christian but wanted to be viewed as a “good” person. Also, sometimes my sister (who is a fundamentalist Baptist) will talk about someone and say, (S)he is really nice and a Christian. But she may have just met the person but because they identify as a Christian, they passed her test. This is one reason I dislike labels. What is important is what is in the heart and that can only be measured by deeds not words. And you’re right, if you have expectations, you are sure to be disappointed.

  8. Cruz’s source is named “sooper mexican”. Right!
    Way too easy to fill out a blank application with your agenda’s verbiage.

  9. These manifestations of dark ignorance could provoke 3 reactions: compassion in the face of great delusion 2) the usual hair pulling, teeth nashing, fist shaking 3)pulling the bottle cork then later tossing the empty in the recycle bin before going to sleep.

    Of course myriad reactions exist; that’s just what i see in the moment.

  10. Stupidity in state “governance”, for once, shoved down the throat of the relevant a&&hole:

    Needless to say, it is a disgrace that “elected” scoundrels continue to attack PP over videos that were shown to be faked months and months ago. Of course, they are still denying climate change, police brutality, and domestic terrorism in spite of piles of evidence, so what can one expect?

    I recall our own (NC) “governor” spending huge $$$ retaining hired-gun attorneys (because our state AG is a Democrat and didn’t want to get involved) to defend a wildly unpopular — and doomed– anti-gay marriage amendment a couple of years ago. But, of course ANY spending on education is “government waste”.

  11. Tom,
    Get it right:
    Any spending on education that is spent on students and teachers, is “government waste.”

    Give that same amount of money – or more – to cronies in the “Privatizing Education” racket, and that’s the people’s money well spent!

  12. Demonizing a “messenger,” Carly? The messenger was the terrorist Dear, and his message. The “message” was to encourage violence against PP, and you, madam, are its tool. You probably should stop talking now.

    Interestingly, the message the public is getting is much better attuned to reality: the “pro-life” movement still condones murder, while PP has been falsely maligned and criminally targeted.

  13. Swami,
    She should ‘t have held back!

    The real problem is women, with their icky-parts – espcially, their nasty vagi-NOTS!
    If “ladies” only stuck an aspirin between their knees, and taped those knees closed with duct-tape, there would be no problems!
    And women who aren’t “ladies,” shouldn’t be allowed out, without an aspirin between their taped knees.
    THAT, should slow those sluts down!

    I grow tired of moralizing……..


  14. Well well….To coin a phrase from the Jehovies to explain why the rapture didn’t occur according to the prediction of Charles Taze Russell, and why the next prediction would be spot on…They say, “the light gets brighter”.
    It seems the light is getting brighter in getting a better picture of Mr. Dear and his motives.

  15. [I]n 1992, Dear was arrested and accused of sexual violence and rape….

    The alleged rape involved a woman who worked at a mall. According to police records in North Charleston, S.C., the woman told police that Dear had repeatedly asked her out. Even after she refused — and informed him that she was married — Dear kept calling her two to three times a day.

    Then, on Nov. 29, 1992, Dear suddenly appeared at her front door as she opened it to take out the trash, according to police records. Holding a knife to her neck, he hit her and began raping her, first on the couch then on the floor.

    Yep. Misogyny in its most basic form. (Not counting pointing at Eve and saying, “She made me eat it, Lord!”)

    The “Veritas”-style faked videos are just an academic exercise, intended to trigger the foot soldiers like Dear, or the movie theater shooter in Louisiana who also hated and targeted women (and murdered two).

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