18 thoughts on “David Bowie, 1947-2016

  1. ZOMG!

    One of my all-time fave’s!

    Yeah, I feel ancient…

    RIP, David!

    Planet Earth IS blue…

  2. What a loss though he recorded alot of stuff so we can listen on…… When I was a kid my older brother had the album Ziggy and the spiders from mars, I must have listened to that album a million times, that album to this day is one of my favorites, it didn’t really sound like anything else then and to me it is still unique!

  3. It feels weird to type, “My sincerest thoughts to the widow, Imam, and to Mr. Bowie’s son, the filmmaker Duncan Jones, and daughter Alexandria Jones” but there it is. What a cool life.

  4. An awesome performer with a legacy of work and a reputation for creative collaboration with other artists. Not a bad way to go. The article said there was something planned for Bowie in March,, planned before he died. I hope that the artists he worked with volunteer to participate and they blow the doors off the place, or have to move to a larger venue.

  5. I saw him on his Let”s Dance'” tour, in Madison Square Garden.

  6. A testament to my misspent youth that I can’t remember for sure if I ever saw Bowie in concert. Elvis Costello, yes; Nick Lowe, yes. I’m sure I would remember if I had. 🙁

    I have an eye-doctor appointment this afternoon where they’re gonna dilate just my left eye. I’ll tell myself it’s in honor of the Thin White Duke.

  7. Like Maha, I feel officially old, too. I always loved his tune “Heroes”; and, of course, his rendition of “The Little Drummer Boy” with Bing Crosby.

  8. For my generation, no matter how he was dressed, or how old he got, David Bowie was always the epitome of cool!

    My parents were worried about me, back in the early 70’s, because my first favorite bands and star singers, were Alice Cooper, Peter Gabriel, and David Bowie. All wore more make-up than the female models at a photo-shoot for a fashion magazine.

    I ended up straight, after all – not that there was anything wrong with the alternative!
    Back then, yes, being gay or bi, was not easy at all. But, I think having all of us young teenage males revering these guys and their music, may have made a difference, decades later.

    To be honest, if I were gay, I’d have had a life-long crush on Bowie!
    Hell, what am I talking about? I’m straight, and I do!!!

    And while I always loved those guys as I got older, eventually The Who became my favorite band. And then, I loved Punk and New Wave!

    But, Bowie and Gabriel put out a hell of lot of great music, after their “Glam-rock” days.

    His death will take a while to sink in…

  9. I feel older than y’all cause I was married with 3 kids in the 70s. Was not interested in any of the bands mentioned in the comments. However, I was madly in love with Neil Diamond.

  10. The Bing Crosby duet has had a lasting impression on me – these two musical masters bridged a generational divide – and it was a deep chasm then – and proved how music is an eternal tradition. Now Bowie has handed the baton to the next generation having made an impact in a variety of venues.

  11. I should definitely STFU.

    I would never have been hip enough to find David Bowie on my own. (I think I was partially tubular for a few weeks in the early eighties, but, it’s been a long downward spiral since then.) Fortunately, I had some hipper friends who were crazy about him. So, I always had a lot of respect for him. I actually remember his “Peter and the Wolf” and the film, “The Man Who Fell to Earth” more fondly than most of his other work. But, he is still an icon to me, if only to draw the antipodean boundary traced by innovative rockers and their fellows. Maybe for me he was just what he set out to be early on, alien, strangely attractive and wildly “new.” Regardless of the style he was performing, he always shook things up and made them throw off sparks.

    He shall be missed.

  12. Liked the ONION tribute: “Universe Honors David Bowie With Emotional Starlight Vigil”

    Really can’t say it much better than that.

  13. I dug up the Young Americans album about an hour ago. I still have a bit of a vinyl collection. He lived quite a life, too bad he couldn’t stick around for another 20.

  14. I heard Bowie on the radio. I didn’t buy any albums — didn’t have the money to buy many albums; some of what I have I bought later, either vinyl or as CDs. Guess I should buy a few now.

    But I was always fascinated by the image he projected — that androgynous quality was wonderfully weird. I can see where he helped many teens and young adults who weren’t sure or secure in their own sexuality to feel good about themselves. Beyond his music, I think that is the most important thing he did with his life. He made it possible for so many to feel good about themselves.

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